The Jam Sessions

The jams feature a blend of accomplished musicians and those beginning their jamming careers. A great opportunity to drop in, meet other musicians, blow your heart out on your favourite tune or kick back and listen in. The music may be good, bad or bebop, swing, blues, latin or lousy – anything can happen and often does! All are welcome.  Bring charts.

The Sessions started at the “old” Dizzy’s Jazz Club about a hundred years ago, well, sometime last century, and have been mangling the classics ever since. Musos of any standard are welcome – music students, gigging musos, amateurs of all persuasions, professionals having a night off, and even professionals having an off night have all turned up in the past.

Leinster Arms Hotel
Melbourne Jazz Jammers sessions are held on Sundays from 4:00pm at the Leinster Arms Hotel. Glen the landlord often chips in on the drums.
Leinster Arms Hotel
66 Gold Street