Welcome to the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Newsletter
This is the place where musos and audience alike can get together to share the joy, passion and talent that is the Melbourne jazz scene. Here you can find news of the current Jazz jamming, the proposed Newport Jazz Festival and any other jazz items that seem like a good idea at the time.

A Brief Historyof the longest running Jam Session in Melbourne
The Melbourne Jazz Jammers formed as a diverse group of jazz lovers following the closure of the much loved Dizzys Jazz Club, Richmond on 21 November 2006.  Cast into the wilderness,  jazz musos and jazz lovers have moved through a succession of venues since, including The Night Cat,  Onederland, Ramage Bar, la Pena, The Glasshouse, The Royal Standard Hotel, The Leinster Arms, The Junktion Hotel and  The Post, St Kilda.

Our last jam session was at The Tower Hotel, Burwood Road, Hawthorn East, just before the lockdown. And our next jam session will be at the same venue…

Jammers News
Melbourne Jazz Jammers Newsletter goes to a mailing list of over 550 people. We have  a weekly write-up of all things jazz jam related which informs interested people of events, CD launches, jam sessions, reviews of past sessions, promotes events being put on by Jammers, encourages people to get involved in live performance and provides an informative inclusive and friendly network for musicians and followers of jazz.

To subscribe – email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line to


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