Phileas Fogg Trio

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Featured Bands

Philéas Fogg Trio

One of the truly international ensembles to be playing at Castlemaine, born from the desire of its three members to combine a love for the classic jazz repertoire with European Romanticism.

Andreana Micanova (Macedonia): piano

Daniel Seddon (UK): bass

Philippe Castermane (France): drums

Castlemaine Jazz Jam

Yep, definitely moving to the Maurocco Bar (opposite the Train Station) this Sunday 5th March for the 46th Castlemaine Jam Session.

And a new start time of 2.00pm. The first session should be a beauty. So if you feel like a toot up the Calder, get ya skates on and join the locals. Or catch the train, get trashy all arvo and don’t worry about PC Plod and his party balloons on the way back.