The Umbrella Bar

Last Friday saw Sonia Davoine singing, supported by the talented Sam Izzo (piano), and the non Captain Chaos quartet. A crowd of 30,000 turned up, but that was at the football, and so the crew spent a pleasant evening entertaining a few diners, a few drinkers, and a few raucous girls.

This week, The Divine Miss Smiff will be singing, along with the Captain,meself, and Ivan on bass. It is going to be lounge, very lounge. Do drop in for a hit and a giggle.

Ann Smith trots out her quirky little toons from 7.30, Friday 7th November at The Umbrella Bar Lounge, 338 Glenhuntly Road Elsternwick

The Umbrella Bar:

…continues to be strangely quiet, and continues to be a fun little session. Chris LeBon, Doug Kuhn, meself and Peter the mystery drummer played to a tiny audience, then ignored them and just had a blast.

This week, due to a malfunction in the $73,000,000 computerised booking system that has recently been installed at Bendigo Towers, world headquarters of the Jazz Jammers Newsletter, we will be having a mystery singer, mystery bassist, Paul Phillips on drums, and the Captain making a surprise guest appearance. If anyone turns up, I for one will be gobsmacked, but seeing as the Jammers Newsletter has a regular readership of three, and the other two are busy, you might consider wandering in and saying G’day

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 24th October from 7.30pm.

The Umbrella Bar: The Divine Miss Smiff

Quirky is a word which barely does the Divine Miss Smiff justice. More ludicrous songs and songs played ludicrously, with meself, Doug Kuhn and the Captain trying not to laugh. You would be most welcome to drop in for a glass of wine, a coffee or some food – this will be a quiet and elegant little soiree, or not, as the mood takes us.

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 1oth October from 7.30pm.

The Umbrella Bar: A class act

This week, Anne Hayres will be singing, accompanied by Daniel Pickard (bass), meself (piano) and the Captain, on an assortment of saxaphones, clarinets and possibly bagpipes.

You may be thinking that Miss H is way too classy for a joint like this, and you may be right, but we are all looking forward to swinging the tits off her favourite toons and generally having a good time.

Which we undoubtedly did last week, when Angela Strickland vocalled up a storm in front of a smallish audience, and Jason weaved some wonderful lines on his tenor. Scarey good!

Anne Hayres at The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 26th September, 7.30pm – 10pm,

The Umbrella Bar: Angela Strickland tries to keep up…

After last weeks Full House (every table booked) for a swinging little night of Kay Young standards, Angela has a task ahead of her. She will be ably supported by Jason Chalmers (sax), Daniel Pickard (bass), Simon Atkinson (drums) and meself and Col trying to keep up.

The Umbrella Bar is getting an increasing number of regulars, and if you feel like a night of vocals ranging through standards, ballads, blues and pop, casual sax and chaos out the back, drop in .’twill all be fun…

Angela Strickland grooves The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 19th September, 7.30pm – 10pm,

The Umbrella Bar: The Divine Miss Smith jumps in

After last week’s smooooth little soiree with Angie, who may be the best singer of all of them and is certainly the most elegant, this week Ann Smith will be trotting out her very own mix of jazz toons, humereuse and chic in equal measure, probably not in French.

The Umbrella Bar Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 29th August, 7.30pm – 10pm

The Umbrella Bar: Sonia sings and Temo falls in lurve

Last week, an increasingly confident Sonia delivered an entertaining and diverse set of songs before a small but enthusiastic crowd – standards, swing, gypsy jazz, chinese ballads, vocalese – this one had the lot, and, apart from keeping meself , Doug and the Captain entertained with such a fresh set, Sonia managed to leave poor Temo besotted (but happy.)

This week, Angela Strickland will be singing her own eclectic mix , ranging from jazz through show tunes to Renee Geyer, and probably back again. Doug, the Captain and meself will be loving every minute of it, and so will you, should you care to drop in.

The Umbrella Bar Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 22nd August, 7.30pm – 10pm.

The Umbrella Bar: Temo, Parisi swings, the Russians loved it, a piano gets tuned and the French take over . . .

We rudely rocked up with a Roland piano for last weeks’ Friday night. Chelly Parisi put in a fine, fine set to a enthusiastic partly Russian as it turned out, audience. Easily the most experienced of the singers who have featured in the Friday nights, it is sometimes hard to believe that she only came to jazz about a year ago. Meanwhile, Temo and the out of tune Grand Piano sulked in the background. We even promised to return once the Yamaha grand had been sorted.

… And I had been contemplating what to do with a night off, until an excited Temo rang on Wednesday to say the piano had been tuned, sounded fabulous, and who was singing this Friday night…

The divinely Gallic Mme Sonia Davoine will be singing, accompanied by meself and Doug Kuhn (bass), with a surprise appearance by the Captain to help fill in the twiddly bits. Miss Sonia has been working her derriere off polishing some latin, standards, French, Chinoise and eccentric tunes. All delivered with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Sonia Davoine and the crew, at the Umbrella Bar 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 15th August, 7.30pm – 10pm.

The Umbrella Bar: Angela Strickland Week: Tune It Timo!

This week, Angela Strickland will be croonin’ a few cocktail numbers, plus anything else that tickles her fancy, accompanied by the usual eclectic mix of Captain Chaos Quartet worthies (including Ivan on double bass, and meself on piano).


Angela Strickland, at The Umbrella Lounge Bar, 338 -340 Glenthuntly Road, Elsternwick, 7.30pm – 10.30pm, Friday 15th July

Next week, the Divine Miss Smith and welcome back Gentleman John Curtis!

The Umbrella Bar: Chaos in Elsternwick

The Captain Chaos sessions return! As promised, this Friday 11th July sees the inaugural session at The Umbrella Bar, 338 -340 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick. We were going to start with a bang but we couldn’t find the matches.

So we found the Sevil Sabah Trio instead (there are four of us)


If you have heard Sevil sing, you will want to be there, and if you have not, it is high time you did. Accompanied by Doug Kuhn (bass), meself (grand piano), Paul Phillips (drums) and quite possibly a surprise appearance from Captain Chaos hisself. Actually, I would be more surprised if he didn’t turn up.

We have three or four weeks to persuade Timo the Georgian that this is a good idea so turn up if you can – free drinks at bar prices, the bar staff aren’t at all grumpy (now, there’s a change!) and the food is good.
Ted W