The Sunday Sessions

From Not Your Usual Correspondent

With your usual correspondent, Taariq, strolling around Wilson’s Promontory, the word master, Ted, still on his way to a successful recovery from a little hiccup in his health and the sun shining brilliantly on a long weekend….was anybody going to attempt to play jazz at the Leinster?

Arrived to find Doug (bass) helping Glen (drums) to set up the gear. Soon followed by Kay (vocals and keyboard), Kevin, (vocals) and Fermin (guitar). They were joined by the guy who occasionally appears with his banjo. Started off without drums until Sebastian arrived with sticks in hand..

Then others appeared like magic. Peter (bass) Ben (guitar), Paddy (guitar), John (keyboard), Geof (keyboard), Mike (drums), Frank (Alto), Alan (Tenor and percussion), and Tony (Tenor)

Soon we knew the answer to the above question……. many people were prepared to forgo a sunny autumn day on a holiday weekend to indulge themselves in playing jazz in a kinky little pub somewhere in Collingwood.

Not Your Usual Correspondent (who, on the day, picked up a lot of knowledge on the need to tune kit drums. Now working out how to apply it to tuning my tenor sax)


Soirée Musique moving to Kojo Brown

Many of you will remember Louis Burty Bedeux who played melodica, clarinet and keys at the Leinster jams until a couple of years ago.

In August 2012, Louis initiated Soirée Musique, a monthly jam and open mic event featuring diverse music (including quite a bit of jazz) and held at Bar Oussou in Brunswick.

Attendances have always been very good, regularly attracting over 40 followers (in addition to Bar Oussou’s usual clientele).

The program has evolved into:
8-10pm Set program with invited artists backed by the house band, currently comprising Ann Craig (flute), Kevin Blazé (guitar), Tony Luxmoore (keys), Stan Van Hooft (bass), Paul Phillips (drums).
10pm-late Open mic. Artists provide their own live backing or use the house band, generally playing 10-minute spots.

A few months ago, Louis moved to Brisbane and the organising of the Soirée was taken over by Alan West. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Bar Oussou decided to move in other directions so we have been seeking a new home. About the same time, Alan West stepped down from the organiser’s role and it was taken over by Ann Craig and Kevin Blazé.

On Friday, 4 October, Soirée Musique will be moving to Kojo Brown, 294 Bridge Rd, Richmond (opposite Richmond Town Hall). The program commences at 8pm.