Soiree Musique

Melbourne Music Performers

The next Soirée Musique is on Friday 24 April 2015, 7:30-11:15pm at Ember Lounge, Northcote.
We moved to this new venue, last month, and it was really jumping. Good food, too! Never quite sure who’ll be in the house band but possibly some of:
Ann Craig (flute)
Alan West (saxophone)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Tony Luxmoore (keyboard)
Stan van Hooft (bass)
Paul Phillips (drums)

Take a look at the event page to see what’s happening, how you get on the programme, &c.

What’s on at the Grand Hotel

    Last week Friday saw a big turn out for Amy Jaulin, sans bass    player, but singing up a storm.Probably the second biggest crowd we    have had, judging by the number of people sitting in the Library.    Nice gig

    Saturday was quieter, but some smooth jazz from Gentleman John    Curtis, with Anne Hayres singing. JC craftily collars all the best    players, so watch out for his gigs in July.

    This Friday 14th June sees Juliane Pasternak for her first session    at the Grand, supported by TW on piano, Stan the Man on bass, Tom    Doublier on drums, and I for one wouldn’t be startled if there was a    surprise guest appearance from Captain Chaos himself on sax – a    range of jazz standards drawn form her years of experience singing    in Germany. Absolutely no Kurt Weill, that would be too obvious.

    Saturday 15th: Nicole Nehemia singing, accompanied by Rob, gun sax    player from Mornington, the affable Dean Constable on drums, and the    equally affable Tony Luxmore on bass., and meself trying to keep up    on piano…