From Stan Van Hooft

The regular monthly gig for “Breakout” at Farouk’s Olive will be on July 22 (from 5 to 7pm). Another evening of swinging and soulful modern jazz played by Colin Garrett on Sax, Peter Ryan on guitar, Steve Bray on drums and myself on bass. Just $5 to get in and a very congenial bar. So come and join the fun.

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Captain Chaos goes bush


Ben the Bouncer in full swing – Michael Findlay and Peter Ryan
are hiding in this photo, but they were still guilty…

And some of us fall for it… so there we were, at Captain Sensible’s bidding, dragging the dusty out of a motley collection of shooting brakes, charabancs and pickup trucks, taking over a muddy old corner under the trees at the Stables. Which is, as you would expect, an open air pizzeria in Malmsbury, set back from the old Calder, these days little more than a Boulevarde of broken drains… Continue reading →

From Stan

Hi jazz fans

Halfway through October and I still haven’t told you about my gigs for this month! Been so busy. The “Breakout” monthly gig at Farouk’s Olive (711 High St Thornbury) will be on October 22 at the usual time of 5 to 7pm. Only $5 to get in and fine drinks at the bar. Great modern jazz too.

Hope to see you there.
Stan van Hooft
0437 232 506