The troublemakers are all in Castlemaine, Il Duce goes awol, and a Gentlemanly assembly keeps itself nice at the Basement di Bungle.

No kidding:- Col, Kev and Sir Roger De Coverley’s ageing roue descendant all hit up the Castlemaine Jam (which was a good one by all accounts), a lot of jammers were away furiously arranging a Port Fairy set list or three, in the hope that they could fool at least some of their audience into thinking they know what they are doing; Il Duce, who quietly sets up the room each week, was in Queensland, and we had everything shipshape and Bristol fashion by about half an hour late…when a gentlemanly rump fronted a very quiet Leinster Arms for the obligatory afternoon of doing things differently.

And how different they were… Peter Garam produced the first firework of the day Continue reading →

Rioting in the street, the Americans are coming, commotion in the back bar, and Chaos does his nut

Not really, but in truth, we had suspected this one might be a bit special – Trombonist Al Herman had promised to turn up, and he did: and he brought with him the impeccable Rory, his ageing sidekick Sir Roger De Coverley, and, as if that wasn’t enough, the unimpeachable Ade Ish, and even Chelsea on drums, reprising her Friday night sesh at the Laika,, along with Firman, Tom McGlinn and Ben (guitar), young Alan Richards (drums), Kevin and Katerina (vocals).

Steve bassed along with the best of them, with Anton the jazz arriving just as he was wilting from exhaustion. Added to the mix Chrissie Manetta, Bruce on drums, South Australian interloper Sophie on sax, Julian on flute, Peter Cole on sax, the Calamatta, sans I think chapeau rouge, Tom McGlinn on guitar, David Nole and meself on keys, and you had a right old schemozzle, which ran all afternoon.

A great session, some disturbingly good jazz being played, and this was one out of the box. Hardly a dud amongst that lot, although I did my best to lower the standard when I could, and probably succeeded on occasion.

Ya missed it? There is always next week…

The Sunday Jam, every week at the Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Colliwobble, from 4.00pm until we knock off around 7.30.

Sunday at the Leinster

The afternoon kicked off with Ben (guitar), John (keys), Taariq (bass), Ali (alto), Colin (tenor) and John  (drums).  An attempt was made to play a Grant Green tune called Idle Moments. It should have gone something like this:
Almost got there….maybe worth another try.

Roger (alto) joined in and gave a great lead to a rendition of Miles Davis’s Nardis. Sandro and Chelly added vocals to the mix and drummers Sebastian, Andrew and Glen took turns with John on the drum kit. Highlight of the day was the request from a young man (Michael) to play with us. He is finishing school in Singapore before joining his parents who have recently domiciled in Melbourne. He is a superb exponent of the art. Roger requested Michael to back him on No More Blues at a fast pace which was a great complement from the owner of Dizzies. All vocalists present were sorry to find he will return to Singapore next week. (I guess the pianists were a little relieved)

More vocalists (Anne H and Debbie) turned up along with Bob V (keys), Keith (tenor) and Alex (alto).

The day was a little quieter than normal but none the less enjoyable for all who attended.

Not your usual correspondent.

Saturday night at the Grand 2nd August

Due to a function being booked for Friday night there was a last minute need to rearrange the personal for the gig to the Saturday. Buddy Love came in on vocals.  Simon Atkinson (Drums) Andy Moon (Double Bass) and Agus Batara on Keys made up a superb rhythm section at the last minute. Buddy is singing better than ever and kept a sizable audience well entertained.


Jammers play real music: audience now seriously confused

The Lunatic Soup Lounge went mildly well last Sunday. Due to a misunderstanding, the not inconsiderable number of musos that turned up started  well and then got progressively better. I accept that not everyone gets as much pleasure out of a comprehensive cock-up as the more seasoned jammers, but our patience was not rewarded. Even the Captain could not conjure up some chaos, it would seem.

Props then to Julian (flugel) (1) and Sir Roger De Coverley (sax)(2) for a memorable opening competition on I’ll Remember April. (3)

The somewhat debonair Mr Curtis did the tinkly bits for a while, followed by the rather more percussive Jude Russell de Bendigo. We ‘ll glue the notes back on later, but it was fun while it lasted..

Some gentle drumming from Danilo, followed by Jacopo. What is it with Italians and drums?

Sewing Machines: Chelly (the evening’s bop version of My Funny Valentine) and Melinda (murdered Don'[t Go To Strangers, ably assisted by John C) and an experimental bracket from Jude, which was quite fun. Frances got up and, despite the best efforts of the rhythm section, sang briefly and beautifully.

Et ceters: Lots of other people: playing lots of other instruments (Ben, Yassin, Trent, Bob, etc.etc. And probably half a dozen bassists. And a few woolly headed etceteras that I can’t remember. I have tried taking notes, but the other pianists don’t like it.

Anyhoo, all in all a really good session. So the next one will probably be back to normal. Ity normally is.

Explanatory Notes
(1)        Apparently this is a sort of horn, not a treatment for coughs and colds

(2)        I think that is how he spells it, you can never be sure with de Coverley, the cad.

(3)        Which I can never remember.

(4)          (Reserved for futute use?)