Sevil Sabah & The Webb St. Band

Sevil returns to Castlemaine. She has been one of the outstanding singers of the previous Festivals, and this year brings a new band, covering the songs of Bill Withers, Erika Baydu Jill Scott and others, maybe a couple of Jazz standards.

Soul and Jazz – a great combination.

Sevil Sabah Vocals
Joel Lukes Bass
Tom Doublier Drums
Billy Mathieson Keys


The Royal Standard Friday sessions start next week

Rang Frank to see if he had changed his mind, but possibly due to memory lapse or something, he still wants us back. We are going to start on January 27th with Sevil Sabah, and then Joys Njambi, followed by Katerina Myskova. I put the late Miss Smith on the poster in the hope that she might ring me up and demand a date…




The Laika Bar Friday Night Sessions

rom 8.00pm every Friday at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

Great line up this month – Katerina kicked it off last week with a speed freak session of up-tempo ballads.

This week Sevil Sabah will be fronting her Inverloch band (Calamatta, Eiji,Twang Stewart and meself). We will have Matt Berg on drums.


22nd January: Shimona does her first Laika session. This lady can really sing!

Camera 360

Camera 360

29th January: Jen Salisbury, with guitarist Keaton, Doug The Pres Kuhn , meself and an as yet unnamed drummer, with a guest spot by Burlesque Dancer Sahara Inferno. … of which more next week


The Sevil Sabah Quartet, Nieuw Amsterdam, Thursday 3rd December, from 8.00pm

All five members of the Sevil Sabah Quartet are going to play in the downstairs Bar at classy restaurant Nieuw Amsterdam, with a coupla hot sets from 8 – 10pm or later.

There are already over 20 people booked for this one, but a few Jammers should fill the joint. Nieuw Amsterdam has toyed with the idea of being a music venue since selling out as a Melbourne International Jazz Festival venue this year – drop on by and encourage them to make it a regular event!

Sevil Sabah Quartet does the City, Nieuw Amsterdam, Hardware Street (it is North of Hardware lane) Thursday 3rd December, Tuesday 1st December from 8.00pm.


The Laika Bar:

And… Risa now holds the record for most dosh – they must have been drinking expensive cocktails last week…great set.

This week, the Sevil Sabah Quartet, and quite possibly, special guest Al Herman (trombone) from the US of A. Not sure how he will fit on the podium, but I make it a rule never to argue with a man holding 8’6″ of brass tubing, and anyone who has played with both Bill Clinton and Dave Grusin is in need of a change.

We will commence making fools of ourselves at 8.00pm, descend into vaudevillean light farce at 8.07, go hard early and then hang on.

Summer. Jazz. Cocktails. What’s not to like?.

Sevil Sabah, Doug Kuhn, Chelsea Allen, Ben the Banker and meself, from 8.00pm Friday 6th November at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,


Sevil Sabah at Wangaratta

The Laika Bar: Sevil Sabah Quartet, the beachfront end

Sevil DSC03743 fx

Sevil will be polishing up her setlist, with a few new toons, and some regular rusty and crusty favourites at the Laika. Supported by Ben Stewart (guitar), Doug Kuhn (bass), meself on piano, and Chelsea Allen on drums.

Quite what the regulars make of all this is a mystery to me, but drop in if you are in the neighbourhood – we start at 8.00 by which time the day – shift for burgs and car theft have knocked off for tea; and we finish around 10.30, just before the other half of Fitzroy Street turns to recreational chemicals and rock and roll. It’s a funny old street, but the beachfront end has a style all its own. I am told…

Sevil Sabah Quartet, from 8.00pm Friday 9th October at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

The Laika Bar Diaries: Sevil Sabah Quartet Friday Night

The Laika Bar: Sevil Sabah Quartet, 


Sevil will be singing a new selection of blues/soul/pop/ballad tinged numbahs, some of which we have even rehearsed. There’s posh for you. Meself, Doug “got a haircut” Kuhn and Ben Stewart (guitar) in attendance.

with a sit in drummer..

Well, we couldn’t really ask Geoff to come all the way from Bendigo, so Chelsea Allen will be squeezing into the bar for a bit of light drumming. I’ve heard of her.

Should be a busy night – drop in and strangle a cocktail!

Sevil Sabah Quartet, from 8.00pm Friday 25th September at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

The Laika Bar

The Laika Bar: Sevil Sabah returns!


And she is getting ready to shake the rust off, after two months away in France and attending to her bro’s wedding..

Sevil Sabah with Doug Haircut Kuhn (bass), Ben Twang Stewart (guitar) and meself propped up on the piano; from 8.00pm Friday 14th August at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

Assuming she doesn’t blow out her voice on Friday, she will also be singing at Dizzy’s on Saturday night with the impeccable Rory Clark on piano.

The Laika Bar: A couple of hot weeks coming up…

Thursday night at the Laika was … well, weird to start with. Absolutely no one there, so the Sevil Sabah trio decided to hold a private concert for Manuel behind the bar. Which went pear shape as more and more people piled into the bar – ended up a busy night and we left the joint pumping at 10.30 when we finished.


The Sevil Sabah Trio every Thursday at The Laika Bar – 8.00pm – 10.00pm (or later apparently…)

Friday at the Laika Boris has put in a request for two singers over the next two weeks

This week Ruby Rogers! – with Daniel Pickard on bass, not sure who on sax and meself on keys. Melinda Traves will be sulking in the tour bus as usual, but the rest of us will be having a ball – if you haven’t seen Ruby, you should, if you have, you will want to see her again..


And next week, the return of Katerina Myskova.

Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 24h April, Ruby Rogers with the Captain Chaos Quartet from 7.30pm to 10.00pm

The Sevil Sabah Trio at The Laika Bar

This Thursday 19th February from 8.00pm – 10.30pm

The Laika Bar love her so much, they have given Sevil a regular Thursday night spot, starting this week. Expect to hear some swing, some blues, and, for the first time, Sevil’s magical ways with a ballad or three.


The Trio at the Lakia Bar

Sevil Sabah (v) Doug Kuhn (db) and Ted Woollan (p)