At Claypots – Sandro Bolano

This is Sandro Bolano, one of the singers from the Jam Sessions.

I have a gig this Sunday 2nd Sept at Claypots Evening Star on the Cnr of Cecil & York St, South Melbourne.

The line up will be David Allardyce, Keys, Dean Addison, Double Base, Allan Browne, Drums & Sandro Bolano, Vocals

Time 5 – 7pm.

The food will also be great


Olympics Week at The Leinster Arms – Gold Street deserted

So, it had to happen, eight  singers front at up at the Gossip Shop for a twirl of the tonsils, after last week’s all instrumental bash. Hardly surprising, and a fine selection of songs from the utterly gorgeous Risa, effervescent Melinda, Chelly in hot form as she gets nearer to her Grand Hotel debut, Sandro, Ashley, Sam(?) providing the male voice choir, and newcomer Liz sang fearlessly on debut, but has promised to come back and stuff it up next time. I should think so… I didn’t get the eighth singer’s name, but she was pretty good too..

A smaller audience than usual, but nevertheless some fine music making, and one of the Captain’s more nuanced efforts at creating mayhem, I thought – the usual drill, dancing around waving four or five fingers, elevated to an incomprehensible art form and resulting in the inevitable trainwreck ending…marvellous stuff. Taariq stood out from the crowd, being the only one of us capable of sticking to the form on Milestones whilst the front line spluttered and died. He should know better by now…

Madge, you may be relieved to hear, is out of town, having elected to attend a Reunion of the Bairnsdale Sporting Mens Social and Amateur Dramatics Club. Not everyone can lay claim to such a theatrical exit as young Madge made from that august establishment, sinking as she did through the splintered stage floor as the inevitable consequence of an over enthusiastic jete, in a cloud of dust or dandruff, I forget which. A fitting end to her ballet career. Madge of course retired to Refinery Terrace in West Altona, about the time that the numbers of able bodied seamen in the Australian Merchant Fleet began its rapid decline. Could be a coincidence.

Madge is an occasional attender at the Gold Street Gossip Shop, whereas Hortense, not to be outdone, flits more regularly through the nether regions of the back bar. Actually, the ethereal Miss H is more often out than done these days, but that is a different story altogether.

Next time, bring a chainsaw, ear plugs and a hard hat…

    I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to move around  the Lizard Lounge of a Sunday afternoon. Either the place is shrinking or the jam sessions are growing ever more packed. Withthat many people playing, some industrial strength jazz ensued. Top stuff, but  I am sure normal service will be resumed shortly.   In  the meantime we may be regaled with the sight of seven or eight  soloists eagerly putting the boot, chainsaw or elbow in, as they struggle to the fore. Mercy, Mercy Mercy!

    Which,. come to think of it, was a highlight of last Sunday’s effort, probably the busiest, certainly the noisiest, yet. Other moments of memorable chaos included Bill on Flugelhorn, Chelly essaying jazz singing to great effect, Jeremy bopping through the    door wearing a foppishly large cloth cap, and carrying his foppishlylarge double bass. Carol, Lisbeth, Mel and Sandro sang, Stan, Taariq, Avi and the aforementioned Frenchman played bass. After a  welcome back session from Danilo, Glen played an outstanding set on drums – if he gets too cocky about it, we will remind him of his    first jazz effort on the electronic drum set, which he will    undoubtedly deny. Bob and then Rod took over on keys, leaving me    little to do but sip on a Guinness and wonder where it was all going    to end. Eventually I started wondering when it was going to endinstead, and went home, as you do…

    I won’t mention the Captain and his big brass/woodwind section  (Keef, Tim, Alex, Ali, Bill, Aaron and Nick), and for the first timein living memory, I don’t recall any fours being called.

    Society’s to blame…