At The Leinster

I have bought a looper pedal and if I can get the hang of using it,then I may start having live appearances backing myself times 6. Woe betide me if I split up with myself and have to send the looper pedal to the second hand pedal graveyard on E bay!!.

The sheltered workshop for the survivors of DIY musical lobotomies and tonal dyslexics reconvened after a period of seven days. Time wounds all and by Saturday I was telling myself that maybe they will play a Wayne Shorter composition that was written quite recently, i.e. Something from less than 50 years ago would be selected and truly mangled again. Continue reading →

Jam Session: A reflection on the state of play

A surprisingly louche little jam session this one. I say surprisingly because I have no idea what louche means.

It was good to catch up with Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse, back from the mountains of Spain, and to listen to the delicate strains of the Lunatic Soup Lounge Pit Orchestra and Choral Ensemble as they wafted their way through a variety of mid twentieth century disasters, rendered barely unrecognisable by the occasional foray into the sequence of notes that their composers had intended.

Captain Chaos marshalled the troops, sent them up several wrong turns and came out smiling. Grant (saxaphobe) rather wiped the floor. The Divine Miss Smith was in fine form (Grade 4, where she spent the best three years of her life). A succession of rock drummers, Il Duce, Bruce and Spike took turns in subverting the paradigm, Chrissy Manetta sang, the Keef was there, Sam Izzo, Gentleman John Curtis and Don played piano, Ben Stewart guitared I think, Doug Haircut Kuhn carried the bass a la stick for much of the arvo, and a whole bunch of others joined in from time to time.

All in front of an audience that was the most part, sensibly sticking to the chips, and alternately lightly bemused and lightly medicated.

See ya next week?

Meanwhile, Gold Street Gossips On

Turned up rather later than usual, so had missed a few of the early cock-ups. Fortunately a lively turn-out of musos managed to repeat most of them for my benefit, so I didn’t miss much. Saxaphones the order of the day, although we seemed to have quite a few good bass players as well.

One of the joys of a jam is to sit back, blithely ignore the music and listen to the jammers instead. So, in between the cricket on the telly, and before the jam had spluttered to not so much a conclusion as a break in hostilities, in its usual manner, the world was put to rights over a glass of Carlton Daft and a bowl of Glens Fat Chips .. there can be no better to way to completely waste a Sunday afternoon . . .

Is Solar Worse than a Zombie? Zombies may be all the rage with today’s yoof; but they have never had to sit through a rendition of Solar, as poor Sam Izzo (piano) did. And just like Zombies who never quite die even though you think they should, this unutterably boring dirge keeps coming back. If you are not familiar with it (lucky you) it has about two chords, and even though it is quite slow, you cannot get away from it. No-one knows what possessed the Captain to call it, certainly not Sam who otherwise played some great stuff.

And dat, as they say in the talkies, is the news from Sleepy Hollow.

See ya next week


What’s on at the Grand

Friday night saw a pretty good turn out for Amy Jaulin, whose ability to be blonde and ditzy would keep any band on their toes, whilst driving an audience to strong drink. Great singing as ever, and the bar was busy all night.

Saturday saw the return of Buddy Love, ably accompanied by Agus Batara doing some amazing stuff on piano. Buddy has a developed a distinctive relaxed vocal styling – and delivered an enjoyable night, to a noticeably bigger audience than last time.

Friday 21st: Juliane Pasternak will be singing, Sam Izzo on piano, Kip Dale on bass, Andrew Putnam on drums, Lee on trumpet. Now that should be a night.

Saturday 22nd: Gentleman John Curtis and the Debonairs will be accompanying the delectable Miss Smiff. Nuff said…