What’s On . . .

Bird’s Basement
Opens 1st March – a real boost to the established venues such as Dizzy’s (new menu), The Paris Cat (ambience in spades), Uptown (Fitzroy groovers) and Rubys Music Room. Check out their “what’s on” page for some pretty classy acts…


Rubys Music Room

Lisette Payet is playing a regular Monday night spot at Ruby’s Music Room, and reportedly pulling a goodly crowd. Lisette has almost nothing going other than outrageous talent, good looks, personality, musical chops and the ability to engage an audience. Might be worth a visit?


Paris Cat
Lots of good stuff here: shameless plug for Adam Rudegair with the Bowie Project on 23rd March


Dizzy’s Jazz Club
Say g’day to Uncle Roger, he has been a great supporter of the Jam Sessions over the years, and I take back everything I have ever said about the caddish De Coverley, but only so I can use it all again…

Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Glass Moon, big bands, the Roger Clark Quartet,

and on 3rd March David Ruiz and Trumpet.


Uptown Jazz Cafe
Another goodly line-up, this one trends to more moderne jazz, always a good night out. Oehlers, Bpstretch, Magnusson et al.


What’s On, What’s not, What Ho! Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

The Captain Chaos sessions (continued). This week, all chaos to be laid firmly at the door of improbably glamorous chanteuse Ange Strickland … showcasing her jazz rep with support from Doug Kuhn (bass), meself (piano) and Spike on drums.

Rubys Music Room is starting to attract a diverse crowd – plenty of jammers have been turning up, which is great, but in recent weeks there have been more and more completebluddystrangers sitting over a wine or three and enjoying the music. What a great way to end your working week!


Ange Strickland

And next week, a welcome return from Ruby Rogers. Yup, sequins all over da joint..

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett’s Lane, Friday 28th March, 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.