Debbie Woodruffe at Ruby’s Music room, Tuesday 1st December 2015

The Bootleg Daze songbook, filched from the speakeasy in about 1932, and re-imagined by the irrepressible Debster. Accompanied by young Hughonbass, Alan Richards on drums, meself on piano, Captain Chaos on saxaphone. We start making mistakes at 8.00pm and keep going until we get it right. Should be a fun night if you are in town, and at a loose end.

Bootleg Daze, Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett’s Lane, Tuesday 1st December from 8.00pm.

The Captain Chaos Sessions (Friday nights descend into light farce from 13th June onwards)

These will be held (for the rest of June at least) at The Leinster Arms – after yet another bunch of phone calls from people declaring they would never go to Rubys Music Room again we have cancelled the Ruby’s Sessions by mutual agreement with Rob. Another first.

Rob Cripps has decided to focus more on high end Musicians in the future, and is therefore no longer seeking the sorts of people we have been attracting to the sessions.

It has been an interesting 5 months – some highlights (for me, anyway) have been

Gentleman John Curtis sitting at the Steinway, completely incapable of wiping the huge smile off his dial ( it is a beautiful instrument to play…)

· Anne Hayres – her last session there in particular
· Ruby Rogers – ever the entertainer
· Phil Hayter’s exquisite sax
· Alex: a reformed man on tenor
· Ange Strickland: more, please.
· Celeste’s second gig, with a memorable opening of Dindi
· Sevil and Amy, both attracting good audiences, for good reason.
· The Captain – for not calling fours, but turning up every week to support or join the band.
· The Divine Miss Smith. Not just the dottiest gig of them all, but getting in the groove on drums. It’s supposed to be scat singing, not scatty singing. Oh well, have it your way…
· Jess: played herself into the ground on a double session. All class.
· Doug Kuhn : played the most sessions on bass, never missed a beat.
· Risa Khodani: anytime.
· And me, for having a ball.

Ruby’s Music Room, The Flying Eyelash is back…

Amy Jaulin is this week’s featured singer, and Friday night may well be the first time anyone has sung an Aleisha Keys song in Ruby’s. It may also be the last if we cock it up. Meself, Herr Alex (tenor sax), Ann Smith’s alter ego on drums, and Doug Kuhn on bass because we might need a real musician.

Last week, Annie Hayres sang so smooth I nearly slid of my chair – great night, but a thin crowd (they should eat more) and a good debut from Paul on sax.

So good, she is doing it all again next week…

Amy Jaulin at Ruby’s Music Room. Bennetts Lane from 6.00pm to 8.00pm Friday 23rd May.

Ruby’s Music Room, er… what?

Last week’s Captain Chaos session was cancelled. Unfortunately, no-one remembered to cancel the band… so, Brent (not saxaphone), Gentleman John Curtis (not piano), Spike Tiernan (no drumming) and Doug Kuhn (carrying his bass) duly assembled on the pavement at the appointed hour, and didn’t get to play. Grr!

Worse still, after Ann Hayres had to pull out with a cold (smart move as it turned out) Jan Blake volunteered to come all the way fromn Lilydale at short notice, and didn’t get to sing either. Which is a pity, because that would have been a pretty good line-up. Double grrr!

The Captain and I retired to the nearest Laksa bar from some conflab on the scheduling for the Jazz Festival.

Anyways, this week sees the return of the Divine Miss Smith, accompanied by GJC, Doug the bass and I am not sure who else. Hopefully this one will go ahead, because that is a pretty good line-up as well.

The Divine Miss Smith lights up Ruby’s Music Room. Bennetts Lane from 6.00pm to 8.00pm Friday 2nd May.

Next week, Celeste Polson, Kip Dale Bass, meself on piano

Ruby’s Music Room

This week, Gentleman John Curtis will be accompanying Ann Hayres. Or possibly someone else, I am never quite sure these days… no, definitely Ann Hayres.

Ann is a pretty damn good interpreter of jazz tunes, both standards and the occasional exotic latin number. Being Anzac day, RMR will either be quiet or full of mildly inebriated old diggers. Or something in between. I shall be going, but I cannot decide whether I shall lower the tone or raise it inadvertently.

So… an evening full of promise and surprise is in store – drop in for a quiet little drink, Uncle Robert’s world famous (well this half of Bennett’s Lane) nibblies, and enjoy some fine music.

The Captain Chaos Sessions: The Band that wasn’t

Splendid cock-up on my part lead to two sets of instrumentals from a band that mosty did not know they were playing until 4.00pm that afternoon: props to Gentleman John Curtis, Doug Kuhn and Spike Kiernan for stepping in and making the Captain sound good.

Topped by Sevil Sabah whose half hour set absolutely smoked ’em.

Ruby’s was pumping – Comedy Festival act to follow, and then Adam Rudegair playing into the night. Gob-smacked audience seemed to enjoy it all, and so they should.

Next week, Fri 2nd May, Gentleman John Curtis will be accompanying the Divine Miss Smith. I would say that was a return to normal, but nothing the Divine Miss Smith does is ever that normal. Should be a great night.

The Captain Chaos Sessions (sans Captain)

After last Saturday’s Ruby Rogers’ fun and games with Ruby, My Dear, a glass of water, and a Comedy Festival show to follow, Ruby’s Music Room returns to normal with this Friday’s Captain Chaos Session being headlined by Anne Hayres, supported by John Curtis and his all star team.

Another evening of sultry ballads, rollicking Latin numbers and jazz standards with a twist is promised – I am going to be there, and hope you will be too.

Anne Hayres lights up Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett’s Lane, SATURDAY 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.

What’s On, Where, Who, Why, When, With Whom, Whatever

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

This week is special! RISA KHODANI will be singing, all the way from Kyoto, accompanied by John Curtis, all the way from India. Hope the PA is up to it…. If you have never seen a Risa performance, you will want to be there. If you have heard her sing before, you will be there anyway. Definitely one not to be missed.

Last week saw a return to form, thanks to the irrepressible Ruby Rogers, with a great performance in front of a goodly crowd. Next week – a smooth little croon from the Sevil Sabah Trio.

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett\’s Lane, Friday 28thFebruary, 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.