The Royal Standard Hotel: Risa Khodani this week

And she had better be good, because Annie Smith rocked the joint last Friday. Greg Appleton and Dave Taylor made me sound good, and Captain Sensible had a ball…

So, the gorgeous Risa Khodani will be singing. Risa has a unique song list, drawn mainly from Japanese jazz standards of the 1950’s. Expect some slow ballads, obscure Japanese folk tunes maybe, and ridiculously fast stomps for good measure.

This week’s Captain Chaos Quartet sees Pete Micevski on bass, meself on piano, the Captain on sax and Michelle Morrison on drums.

Friday Night Live at…
The Royal Standard Hotel
333 William Street
North Melbourne
7.00 pm – 9.30pm Friday 24th February


Risa Khodani blowing them all away at Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2015

The Laika Bar: Risa is back


Yep, she knows all the words… Accompanied by Mr Hirsh esq. on drums, Kip Dale on bass and meself on piano trying to keep up. Jazz at a frenetic pace is Risa’s forte, well tempered with some delightful ballads, and obscure (to most of us) Japanese toons thrown in for good measure.

This should be a good night, and the audience at Laika continues to grow. As it should, given the hot little set by Sevil last week, and Katerina the week before.

If you fancy a stroll down the beach end of Fitzroy Street St Kilda, and the weather is warm, drop in for a cocktail or a glass of vino. Steve at the door will welcome you in. For an extra five bucks, he will even ask for your ID.

Summer. Jazz. Cocktails. All good.

Risa Khodani with the B Team, from 8.00pm Friday 30th October at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

The Laika Bar

After last week’s smooth-as but poorly paid session with Sevil, this week Risa Khodani will be singing her eclectic mixture of obscure postwar Japanese Jazz, standards, ballads and whatever – and we will be debuting young jammer Alex on drums – only Grumpy Boris doesn’t know about that, so don’t tell anyone.
Risa Khodani CJF2015

If you feel like dropping in, sitting by the fire with a glass of something, and pretending you know what Risa is banging on about when she sings in Japanese, we would love to see you!

Risa Khodani, Ted Woollan (p) Doug Kuhn (b), Young Alex (d) at The Laika Bar 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 28th August, from 8.00pm onwards

What’s On, What’s Not

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions: Not Now Hortense…

Risa duly packed ’em in last week, for a cracker of a session as promised.. So if you missed it, you will almost certainly be heading down to Ruby’s Music Room this Friday to see Sevil Sabah do her sultry little thing. Don’t – RMR will be closed for a private function for Friday night (at which the Sevil Sabah Trio will be playing) …. for a Lithuanian wedding reception.

Next week, Amy Jaulin hits the stage Friday 21st March, followed by Ange Strickland on 28th March. Should be some gems between them. More anon…

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett\’s Lane, Friday March, CLOSED.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014:

The rush of band applications continues – Captain Chaos and moi will be struggling with the mighty spreadsheet whilst the rest of the Committee do the real work… Band applications will be closing on April 15th, so get yours in now. Then go out and sell your grandma some tickets…

Kojo Brown: Group du Jour

Richmond’s finest lamb shanks continue to appeal. Kojo Brown provides Saturday night spots for the Jammers – Buddy has been singing there for years, Anne Hayres is a regular, and in more recent times, Ruby Rogers, Amy and Sevil have all had a number of nights without scaring the locals.

Whoever is there (and this week it might be Chelly Parisi) the shanks will be fabulous.

Kojo Brown, Church Street, Richmond, Saturday 7.00 – 10.00pm

What’s On, Where, Who, Why, When, With Whom, Whatever

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

This week is special! RISA KHODANI will be singing, all the way from Kyoto, accompanied by John Curtis, all the way from India. Hope the PA is up to it…. If you have never seen a Risa performance, you will want to be there. If you have heard her sing before, you will be there anyway. Definitely one not to be missed.

Last week saw a return to form, thanks to the irrepressible Ruby Rogers, with a great performance in front of a goodly crowd. Next week – a smooth little croon from the Sevil Sabah Trio.

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett\’s Lane, Friday 28thFebruary, 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.

Who is doing what, with what, to whom, and wherefore, if not after

The Grand Hotel: The Radiant Risa is back, with her usual line-up, and a bunch of Japanese songs done Anglo style, a galimaufrey of Anglo songs done Japanese style, and the whole lot put over  Risa style – if you have seen her before, you will be back, if you haven’t, dust off ya tap shoes and get on down…

 The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday 27th September, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

Next week at The Grand , Chelly Parisi will be swinging her way through her favourite Jazz Standards, before dashing off to a gig and then leaving the floor to the stylishly smooth Miss Sevil Sabah.

Buddy Love is singing at Kojo Brown on Saturday, with the entire and indefatigable Buddy Love Orchestra in attendance, well some of them anyway…. Grand Final bah humbug, get on down for some croonin’

Kojo Brown, Saturday 28 th September, Bridge Road,  Richmond  (opposite the Town Hall Clock 7.00pm – 10.00pm 

Done and Dusted – It has been a busy week: Bette turns 85 in August!

The Leinster Arms Sunday Arvo Jazz

Going through the John Curtis gig book was a challenging start to the jam. Not your usual charts in not your usual keys. Sebastian (Drums), Ben (guitar), Taariq (Bass) and the Captain (Tenor) were gallant in their effort to make numbers like “African Flower” work. Once through that stage we were joined by Don (guitar), Jassin (Guitar), Trent (Alto), Danilo (Drums), Simon (Drums), Bob, (Piano), Ali (Alto), Richard (Piano), Aaron (Baritone), Alex, (Alto), Keith (Tenor) and Trevor (Harp). Lisa, Rose and Debbie provided great vocals. As Ted was attending the Castlemaine Jam there was a lot more Bebop played than usual. There was a great rendition of “Mercy Mercy Mercy” with all the saxophonists joining in.

Effort of the day was provided by Taariq who played great bass non-stop for almost four hours.

What was learned?        6 Saxophones make a lot of noise and that there are words to Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”.

 Not your usual correspondent. 

The Grand Hotel, last Friday: Shock and Awe. Dean on drums, Doug Kuhn on bass covering for me on piano, the Captain on occasion and Julian on trumpet. All sounded pretty good, though I say so meself. So where was the shock and awe, you ask. Alright, you didn’t ask, but you might have done.

Shock: The Debster! Absolutely on song from the word go! (possibly not the ideal way to count a song in..) Sang a great set, thoroughly entertaining, and drew a good crowd – including Deb’s mum which was kind of cute.

Awe: Shucks, Risa can sing – didn’t miss a beat, from the moment she sang Sukiyaki with John Curtis at the piano, just like the old Dizzy’s days, through the exquisite Lullaby to expecting the band to keep up with her on Tokyo Boogie Woogie as a finale. Would probably beat the Bullet Train for pace… She is booked for a full session on September 13th because Bette turns 85 on that date….

….in about 40 years from now. If you can find a seat, be there! If you can’t, just stand – it will be worth it.

Castlemaine: Ken introduced it as “Castlemaine’s longest running Jam Session” (their third). It was  just as busy as the last, maybe with a better standard of music. Totally different to the Leinster Jams, the audience outnumbers the musos, and expect to be entertained. Possibly with music.  When I walked in 15 minutes before kick off, there were 60 people already waiting. Featured singer Rebecca Morton fired them up with a fine opening set, and later in the arvo, the Divine Miiss Smiff fanned the flames for good measure. The Captain and hopefully John Curtis will be at the next one. That should fix it…

With all that going on, ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids!


The Grand Hotel goes off two nights running…

Last week: two great nights, with Juliane singing a scorching set on Friday, in front of a good crowd. Kip Dale on bass and Danilo on drums provided a great rhythm section. Kay topped off the night with a scat duo with Juliane. Triffic.  Saturday saw the GH packed and heaving for Risa’s first session – and audience of around 70, and a great response to a highly polished performance. She is back on the 29th September (Grand Final night). Be there.


This week is SMIFF SMIFF WEEK Gentleman John Curtis is back in the saddle on Friday 24th August, for the first time since his week off.: the break has clearly affected his brain, as he has taken to replying to e-mails in French. Taariq has battled all sorts of changes in line-ups to come up with a Saturday band. The Divine Miss Smiff will be singing both Friday and Saturday, before possibly fronting the Sunday session to do her Kermit the Frog impression.

The Grand Hotel:

Last week saw two great nights from Amy Jaulin, and Miss Ruby Rogers, both of whom seemed to pull a goodly crowd, most of whom failed to leave entirely sober.. lots of new songs, and some great ballads, both nights… 

Cool jazz

This week Juliane Pasternak sings on Friday, 17th August accompanied by Lee on trumpet/flugelhorn with Kip Dale (bass) and Danilo (drums and frequent flyer points).  The promise of a great night of music, without once resorting to lederhosen, Kurt Weill, or the Welsh National Anthem. (Is there a Welsh National Anthem?)

Are you sure it’s not Lisa?

Saturday 18th August: At long last, Risa, all the way from Kyoto, is back for a night of jazz and obscure Japanese folk tunes. Col (sax) with Jeremy Marozeau (bass)  and Simon Atkinson (drums) will accompany, making this just about the best line-up so far. I get to play piano, and the fact that both John and Rod have been hospitalised in the last two weeks is entirely coincidental…

See ya round the traps…    TW

The Lunatic Soup Lounge Sunday Arvo Session

It seems that the jam sessions are going through a bit of a purple patch. Last week the Lunatic Soup Lounge saw no fewer then 30 musicians and singers get up and perform.

Highlights (for me anyway, and what would I know?) were Anne Hayres‘ rollicking version of Fly Me To The Moon, the six saxophonists who accompanied the flugelhorn – I think they took it in turns to play because there wasn’t enough room for them all to move their fingers at once, Captain Chaos calling of Mercy Mercy Mercy, which, given the number of choruses played, should be renamed Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy – well, you get the picture… the gorgeous Risa back from Osaka (for good, apparently) singing as well as ever, Melinda smoking hot on Since I Fell For you, and Bob nailing a coupla swing tunes before the close (just after 8.00pm).

It is all getting so good, we are in danger of forgetting the trainwrecks – not entirely of course, as we still mangled a few in between the good stuff. TW