And speaking of Port Fairy Jazz Festival…

Which we weren’t … nothing but good reports coming back from the Festival – that is good by any standard and not just a first year effort. We are indebted to Captain Chaos for the following…

After 30 successful years, the February Grampians Jazz Festival was wound up, leading to the emergence of the Port Fairy Jazz Festival. Any initial reservations amongst the music fraternity were immediately dispelled – by both the musicians and patrons who made the long trip from Melbourne and beyond to this charming sea side town. The organisation was superb and most of the venues were well set up and within easy reach of each other.

A smattering of regular Jazz Jammers – Annie Smith, Kevin Blaze, Ann Craig, John Curtis, Doug Kűhn, Laurie Savage, Roger Clark, the Captain , Chrissie Manetta, and (of course) Bruce Maddigan performed to appreciative audiences. Occasional and past jammers Anne Hayres, Peter Ryan, Stan Van Hooft, Cath Connor, Tiina Ayris, Gil Sealby, Steve Bray, ade ishs, Chelsea Allen, Marek Podstawek, Ashley Thomas, Tony Luxmore, Jess Wood, Brian Pauluz, Anthony Pell and David Ruiz also presented their talents in a range of groups.

Its hard to hear everybody with 10 venues running at the same time, and playing 6 sets yourself. However, my standouts were Anne Hayres with Melbourne Chamber Jazz, ade ishs Trio and Anne Craig Duo.

Port Fairy Blaze and Craig

The Rev Kev and Ann Craig in full flight – shortly after this, the Blazé managed to re-arrange his weekend and several of his fingers by falling down some steps. There was no alcohol involved, which is probably where he went wrong… get well soon Kevin!

Port Fairy Jazz Festival

February 10th – 12th

This weekend, and if you are going, have a great time! If you are playing, give yourself enough time to catch as many sessions by other bands as possible. You will hear some great music.

Shameless plugs for

Malt and Rye – really polished outfit of top musos

Sarah Maclaine’s Jazz and Champagne – the peerless Sarah, with Todd Sydney on keys.

and of course The Port Phillip Show Band... Col you owe me a drink…

Port Fairy Jazz Festival

February 10th – 12th

So many jammers are playing at this one, I haven’t got time to count. This is the first PFJF, and it is going to be huge. Kuhn, Garrett, Hayres, Smith, Manetta, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all, will be lowering the tone, but there is a huge list of good bands – check it out!