Uncle Noel has Spots – Tuition spots

Jazz Studies – Individual Tuition.

I have a couple of vacant spots in my teaching schedule which may appeal to dedicated students wishing to pick particular areas for focussed study.

Where? – I teach at the MLC Music Academy, Barkers Road Kew, and the

  • times available – for lessons of duration either 45 or 60 minutes, weekly or fortnightly –  lie between
  • 4.00 p.m and 5.30 p.m Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Subject areas can include:

  • Functional harmony – major and melodic minor scales; cadences
  • Other scale types
  • Improvisation and melodic patterns
  • Jazz articulation and phrasing
  • Piano voicings
  • Ear training.

Interested ??- email me – Noel Matthews –  at brenol@optusnet.com.au.