Trombones, and La Manetta goes all quiet…

Fun little session last Sunday, much enlivened by newcomer Joel on his slush pump. I can only remember three trombonists in recent years, and one of those would be Elliott Joe on his green plastic technological marvel, so a bit of a treat, and some harmonious little duets with the Captain ensued.

Whatever, a quietish sort of a jam where 19 musos got up, nobody kicked the dog, and nothing got broken. Plenty of variety in the toons on offer, and lots of bebop as Colonel T was AWOL. Continue reading →

Luxor Bar, Saturday, The Divine Miss Smith, I think

Of course you can never be sure, but I think Doug, the Captain and Meself will be driving down from Castlemaine to accompany the ludicrously Divine Miss Smith herself, no less.

LUXOR BAR, 124 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, The Divine Miss Smith takes charge of the Captain Chaos Quartet, and we all know what that could mean… There will be dancing on the tables, if we can find any.

From 6.00pm onwards, Saturday 18th April


What’s on at The Grand Hotel:

The venue continues to grow – if you haven’t been, drop in on a Friday or Saturday – apart from a fair few jam session regulars, there is a regular crowd of Hotel residents, walk-ins and whatever. This month, another six first timers from the jam sessions have played, and their enthusiasm alone is infectious. 

Last Friday: Jo Loth fronted a highly rehearsed band of young Tyros this week, entertaining a goodly crowd whose evening could only get worse judging by their Essendon colours.  Andrew Putnam (drums) solid as ever, Nick Coulter tentative but with growing confidence on sax and Andrew Lye smooth on bass all night.

Saturday was the turn of Annie Hayres in the company of Gentleman John in great form on a tuned piano, and his usual collection of suave musos – by all accounts a good night, and some fine music. Naturally, I missed it dammit! 

Friday 27th July: The notorious Miss Smiff! Whoohee! We all love Miss Smiff, who has a delightful relaxed style and swings those jazz standards as hard as anyone. Later in the night, Miss Smiff, if you are very very good, will be performing her infamous dance routine, dressed only in a tight fitting.. (continued p23) 

Saturday 28th July: Juliane Pasternak will sing anything but Kurt Weill (she tells me) and may turn up dressed exclusively in daffodils, I deference to her Welsh ancestry. Or not, but it should be a great night of toons old and new, performed by one of the Jammers best singers…