From The Leinster

Dateline Collingwood: 4.3.18

Last Sunday the Jazz Jam at the Leinster arms Hotel reached a new nadir, a point where the bottom of the barrel had been scraped so much that the bottom was gone and the tunnel to China is now complete. No one is to blame but not much can be said about it other thank goodness it is over. The sound of a cat being strangled somehow has much more appeal now.

The attempt to play two songs from the Blue Note 1960’s jazz era namely “Black Nile” and “ Dolphin Dance” were vain attempts to introduce some level of interest but sadly it was too little too late.

If the jazz jam on Sundays is to continue at a new venue in some shape or form and attract and retain new people such as the agreeable newcomer Bassist/ Saxophonist Fulio of Italy, and others of various ages and who are of proficient musical ability then the whole standard and regular repertoire needs to improve. For instance, the Miles Davis piece “All Blues” is in 6/8. This means you have to get rid of a lot of notes to be able to play it in B# and would probably be better just playing the black notes now and again. Because guitarists normally have six strings 6/8 means they can only play now and again and not on the “8” bits per byte versions unless they are also singing.

One only has to attend other jam sessions around town to know there is a higher level out there like ashtanga yoga that has appeal to many people, who are meditating while playing in a different time key thing. But they are probably really good and can reincarnate as like sax players.

Now to turn a positive into negative or is it the other way around . . .?

It was good to see Ted Woollan back at the Keys and showing signs of life.

I might be seen at a Leinster Arms on a Sunday in April.

Colonel T

(Ed’s note: Not really all of it by Col T, I had to straighten out all the technical stuff about tempo signatures and key transinformation like)

From The Leinster

24th Feb 2018

The usual suspects appeared at the Leinster Arms Hotel on Sunday for a run through of the same old tired and hackneyed material that pre dates the construction of the Pyramids of Giza or is it Stone Henge?

Newcomer Adrien put on a good show on the drums. Other drummers sighted in action included Michael, Bill and the ever swinging Andre.

Your humble scribe started on the piano keyboard and then moved to guitar only to be promoted by the Captain to the engine house of time and rhythm which is Electric Bass. Peter also played bass as did a newcomer whose name has gone from my mind completely.

Other Guitarists included Neil, Fermin and Sir Not appearing in this report.

A welcome visit and performance on piano from Ted Woollan was noteworthy. There were a number of Saxophonists about including the Captain of chaos, John Calamata and Keef.

A bit of relief from crusty ancient show tunes and pre Dixie land cliches came in the shape of a version of the Miles Davis modal piece “ Milestones” with Malcolm on piano, what ‘s his face on trumpet and thingamybob on lead whatchamacallit.

Warblers were on hand to warble into microphones like or not! and they included that geezer who led us through a boomper boomper version of “Every day I have the blues” which was refreshing in as much as it was an up tempo shuffle with a driving beat rather than a flaccid 120 BPM swing standard.

Female warblers were not far away with Chloe and Suzie and others trotting out the stuff that female singers usually select for jazz jam material, such as the Korean song of lost love: “Cly me a Libber” just in time for the end of the Winter Olympics in Korea. All songs were well sung by some very presentable lassies but with no musical surprises there, sorry.

I suspect that while I am off bushwalking, XC skiing or surfing the good Hard Bop, Be Bop and Fusion tunes and charts get a work out and when I turn up the old war horses from before 1925 AD are dragged out yet again. Talk about flogging a dead horse but we will flog it yet again so see you all there on Sunday next week.