Marion Lustig takes a holiday

Hi all,
I recently had a wonderful experience as a participant at Jazz Port Townsend in Washington, U.S.A., a weeklong jazz workshop and festival. It was a truly inspiring experience to meet, study with, and hear a faculty of world class jazz musicians in a lovely semi-rural setting at Fort Woden, Port Townsend which is an historic small town about 2 hours’ drive north of Seattle. There was a full range of abilities among the participants, who included about 50% youngsters of jaw-dropping calibre, but plenty of adults ranging from enthusiastic amateurs like myself to pro musicians. Highly recommended!
Marion Lustig


In light of the buzz around the joint the previous week, it was only reasonable to expect things to be a little quieter – and in that expectation, those of us who wandered into the Gold Street sheltered workshop at 4pm on the dot were not disappointed.

The afternoon would evidently start with three pianists and a saxophone… Izzo, Curtis, and meself, debating as to who should stuff the first stanza by playing drums. We opted for Curtis – Continue reading

From Marion & Sweet Ade

Here is some information about Sweet Ade’s forthcoming gig.

The band I lead, Sweet Ade, will be playing at Caulfield Park Bandstand March 5 from 2-3.30 pm.  This is a delightful outdoor venue at the historic bandstand. There will be free art activities for children. Bring a picnic rug and enjoy!

For those who haven’t heard us, we’re a lively, upbeat group with an colourful array of instruments –  recorders, ukuleles, clarinet, saxophones, piano accordion, washboard, drums, sousaphone, piano, banjo and vocals. The musicians for this gig will be: Marion Lustig, Peter Mason, Lisette Payet, Richard Opat, Joe Kenyon and Janet Arndt.  

We’ll be presenting an entertaining, interesting and eclectic program with creative arrangements of music ranging from the late 1800’s to the present day, balancing well-known tunes with little heard gems including early Australian jazz. 



Settle down

No sooner had I eased the corporate chariot into one and a half spaces, parking not being my strong suit, than I was greeted by the sight of young Nadira strolling somewhat purposefully towards the battered green door of the Gold Street Bebop Stop and Tea Roomes.

The Hobart chanteuse, possibly one of the better known singers in Lenah Valley, was urged on by a beaming Captain Chaos, who may have sat back and listened to a selection of swing tunes finely crafted, but not to the extent that he forgot to plan some disruptive fours for later on. Marion appeared a little lost on some of the rowdier numbers, and a little found on some of the others – another fine contribution. Continue reading

From Marion

Hi all,
Following a recent packed out CD launch, Marion Lustig’s band Sweet Ade is doing another gig at Open Studio, this one at the convenient time of 5-7 pm on Saturday, May 28.
Come along before dinner and grab a copy of our new CD, entitled Sweet Ade: Celebrating Ade Monsbourgh and the Recorder.
Bring your kids or grandkids, especially if they play the recorder.
Best wishes,

Sweet Ade – 2 March

Sweet Ade plays at Caulfield Park bandstand Sunday, March 2,  2 – 3 pm  in a free concert commencing 2 pm.   Art and crafts for children, BYO picnic.  Marion Lustig (recorders), Janet Arndt (vocals), Richard Opat (drums/washboard), Peter Mason (reeds/ukelele), Lisette Payet (piano/ukelele/accordion), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone).

ps note the time change to 2-3pm!

Sweet Ade in Gippsland on Cup Day

Marion Lustig’s recorder led band, Sweet Ade, will be playing on Cup Day, Tuesday November 5 from 2 – 4.30 pm at Bass in Gippsland.

Gig details:

Bass Valley Community Centre, Bass School Rd., Bass, Entry $12.50. There will be a picnic and sausage sizzle in the park from 11.30 a.m., the op shop will be open and there will be a coffee cart on site.  There will be a break for the broadcast of the Cup.  Bass is one hour and 20 minutes’ drive from Melbourne.   Bookings: Roger Clark, P.O. Box 1084 Grantville 3984, phone 0403 025 429, or email

Sweet Ade is a recorder-led jazz band, “trad” but non-traditional. Inspired by the recorder playing of the late, great Australian multi-instrumentalist Ade Monsbrough, its eclectic repertoire includes early Australian jazz, ragtime and jazz standards.

 Musicians for the Cup Day gig will be: Marion Lustig (recorders), Peter Mason (clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones, vocals, recorder), Lyn Thomas (piano), Clint Smith(banjo), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Richard Opat (washboard and drums), and Janet Arndt (vocals).


Sweet Ade in Brighton

Marion Lustig’s recorder led band, Sweet Ade, is playing this coming Sunday, October 13,  from 7 – 9 the Classic Residences Brighton and all are welcome.

Gig details: 3 Brewer Rd., Brighton East (corner Nepean Highway and Thomas St., Melways 77A1. Booking recommended. Dr Jack 95992236 or 0418377618 or buy tickets at the door. Cost $20. Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided after the finish of the show.

Sweet Ade is a recorder-led jazz band, “trad” but non-traditional.  Inspired by the recorder playing of the late, great Australian multi-instrumentalist Ade Monsbrough, its eclectic repertoire includes early Australian jazz including tunes by Monsbrough, ragtime, jazz standards and klezmer.  The musicians for this week’s gig will be: Marion Lustig (recorders), Peter Mason (clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones, vocals, recorder, ukelele), Lisette Payet (piano, vocals, ukulele, piano accordion), Clint Smith (banjo), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Ken Farmer (washboard and drums), and Janet Arndt (vocals).



Sweet Ade at The Rosstown Sun 14th Oct

Sweet Ade has a gig at the Rosstown Hotel, on Sunday afternoon, October 14 from 1.30 – 4.30 pm.
The address is 1084 Dandenong Rd., Carnegie and phone number 95711033.

The band is inspired by, but not limited to, Ade Monsborough’s music for recorder. We include selections from his “Recorder In Ragtime”, his settings of Henry Lawson poetry and his other compositions, as well as other Australian material and a few jazz standards. The genre is mainly trad/ragtime but with an unusual line-up and interesting material which isn’t played much – mostly light-hearted, fun and a bit quirky.

The musicians for the afternoon will be: Marion Lustig (recorders), Peter Mason (reeds), Lisette Payet (piano), Andrew Stephens (banjo), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Janet Arndt (vocals) and Howard Rowe as our guest on washboard and drums.

Bistro lunch is available from 12 noon and bookings are highly recommended. Cheers, Marion

Jazz in Hawaii

Dear Editor

I wonder if this might be of interest to jammers – it is an account of some jazz aspects of our recent trip to Hawaii.


Doug and I were recently on holidays in Hawaii and had some very enjoyable jazz experiences which might  be of interest, especially for anyone planning a visit there.

In Honolulu, we caught outstanding local group, the Satomi Yarimizo group, joined by a very hot visiting New York sax player, Robert Sheps,  in a well thought out tribute to Miles Davis and Gill Evans. As well as being bowled over by the music, we learnt heaps about Gill Evans’ under-appreciated role in Miles’ career. The club is called The Dragon Upstairs and is in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown, and we were encouraged to emulate many of the other patrons who had their tables laden with food from home and local restaurants.  The local jazz tragics were very friendly and pointed us in the direction of several other enjoyable events.

Jackie Ward is a local woman in her 90’s who has been hosting a semi-private weekly Sunday afternoon gig at her home in suburban Honolulu for 35 years!  We arrived to a house in a quiet suburban street, heartened by the sign on the door ordering us to wait until a suitable break in the music. The band was a “little big band” of a good standard, lifted exponentially by Robert Sheps again.  Food was on the agenda  again, and we felt right at home as we’d been enjoined to bring food and drink to share, which we did with around 100 people crowded into a  spacious living room.

Another unusual gig was also associated with food. It was at  Gordon Biersch, a lovely ocean-side restaurant at the Aloha Tower, and we had the pleasure of hearing the apparently legendary jazz ukelele exponent Benny Chong who turned out to have been in Melbourne recently for a jazz ukelele festival.

We also heard some excellent mainstream jazz on the island of Kauai, most notably in the lounge of the very posh St Regis Hotel in  Princeville, accompanied by to die for sunset and ocean views.

Cheers Marion