The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: The Festival you started . . .

Only a week to go, and here’s how we stand.

The Festival organisers (Captain Chaos, John Hannah, and Linda Carpenter) have each put in over 500 hours of voluntary work to make this happen. I just waffle about in the background, because that is what I am good at. (or “. . . for”, I can’t decide which). The Festival is going to feature 125 hours of performance, from over 200 musicians, all of whom have donated their time, and put up the seed money to get it off the ground. And the biggest contributor of all has been the Melbourne Jazz Jammers.

Whether you are a muso who plays at the occasional jam, or your name is Marg, you owe it to yourself to boogey up the Calder and get a piece of the action – there will be 50+ bands over two days of non-stop music, in seven different venues, all of which are licensed.

Marg, Princess of Cool and Keeper of the List will be there – she started the Jazz Jammers when the old Dizzy’s closed and will be entirely to blame if it all goes tits up. Which it won’t, because when the Jammers do something, they do it well..

Be there!

The Sunday Arvo Jam Session: Getting to first Bass

Spiffin’ little jam session, The Captain on the poop deck, and several familiar hands swingin, from the yard arms – Ben, Keef, Rear Admirable Curtis, and others.. Celeste and her sister leading the massed choir of tonsil artistes, Sam Izzo, Elliott and Ruiz turned up, Ali did his saxophone thing, Bob and meself having the occasional foray on keys, Uncle Kevin and Ann the floot turning up later, as they are won’t to do, Danilo, Dean, James and Sebastian on drums.

And then there was Sebastian mark 2, blues piano player – hope he comes again, sang and played a great little set: and a neat little stint from John Martin, purveyor of fine Wertheims to the landed gentry, on drums.

Marg (Princess of Cool, Keeper of the List) turned up and turned 193, or 47 or something in between.

David Ruiz complained bitterly that he had not had a mention in the previous newsletter. We all know what that means…

This week, he was at his finest on trumpet. We have never heard him play better, and I can honestly say he didn’t play a bum note all afternoon. We asked several members of the audience if they had ever heard a trumpet played quite like David does before – they all said no, although one subsequently suggested a label on the trumpet marked “trumpet” could help clear up a deal of uncertainty.

Or not, as the case may be…. actually he sang rather well, having left the trumpet at home.
Trumpet imagesCAZADD2S

Getting to first Bass? We didn’t. Not one of the lugubrious society of Basso Profundi, all afternoon. Society is to blame.