Carruthers thinks it is too quiet…

And he don’t like it when the natives get restless. Interesting session at the Gold Street Gossip Shop last Sunday – around 20 musos turned up, gentle ballad mangling was the order of the day, and a rather pleasant afternoon ensued. Col T of the Fourth Punjab Light Horse (retd) was in particularly good form – he even sat out for a while – probably needed a break from piano to recover, but it is reassuring to know that every key on the Roland works. Continue reading →

Jam Session goes well

But we are working on it. This was a medium to heavy session, with a large group of musicians from WA, none of whom got up and played. Possibly didn’t realise we were playing music.

Jeff, sax, gets better and better, Will is starting to sound a lot more fluent, and the rest of us (Peter G, Cathy, Kay and meself on piano, Michael F on drums, Ponytail Pete running hot for a while, Ivan doing abnormal things to an otherwise innocent latin rhythm, Taariq on everything else and Neil (guitar) the pick of them. There were six saxophones there, all put in the shade by Murray’s miniature trumpet. Nice one.

Personal highlight of the arvo was a very nervous Manal getting up and singing with a band for the first time – props to Kevin for guiding her through it, and hopefully she will be back for more.

See ya Sunday?

And speaking of Port Fairy Jazz Festival…

Which we weren’t … nothing but good reports coming back from the Festival – that is good by any standard and not just a first year effort. We are indebted to Captain Chaos for the following…

After 30 successful years, the February Grampians Jazz Festival was wound up, leading to the emergence of the Port Fairy Jazz Festival. Any initial reservations amongst the music fraternity were immediately dispelled – by both the musicians and patrons who made the long trip from Melbourne and beyond to this charming sea side town. The organisation was superb and most of the venues were well set up and within easy reach of each other.

A smattering of regular Jazz Jammers – Annie Smith, Kevin Blaze, Ann Craig, John Curtis, Doug Kűhn, Laurie Savage, Roger Clark, the Captain , Chrissie Manetta, and (of course) Bruce Maddigan performed to appreciative audiences. Occasional and past jammers Anne Hayres, Peter Ryan, Stan Van Hooft, Cath Connor, Tiina Ayris, Gil Sealby, Steve Bray, ade ishs, Chelsea Allen, Marek Podstawek, Ashley Thomas, Tony Luxmore, Jess Wood, Brian Pauluz, Anthony Pell and David Ruiz also presented their talents in a range of groups.

Its hard to hear everybody with 10 venues running at the same time, and playing 6 sets yourself. However, my standouts were Anne Hayres with Melbourne Chamber Jazz, ade ishs Trio and Anne Craig Duo.

Port Fairy Blaze and Craig

The Rev Kev and Ann Craig in full flight – shortly after this, the Blazé managed to re-arrange his weekend and several of his fingers by falling down some steps. There was no alcohol involved, which is probably where he went wrong… get well soon Kevin!

Trombones, and La Manetta goes all quiet…

Fun little session last Sunday, much enlivened by newcomer Joel on his slush pump. I can only remember three trombonists in recent years, and one of those would be Elliott Joe on his green plastic technological marvel, so a bit of a treat, and some harmonious little duets with the Captain ensued.

Whatever, a quietish sort of a jam where 19 musos got up, nobody kicked the dog, and nothing got broken. Plenty of variety in the toons on offer, and lots of bebop as Colonel T was AWOL. Continue reading →

The more things change . . .

A pleasant little toot up the Hoddle Strasse, followed by the sounds of a Bavarian Brass Band playing Moanin’ as I wandered into the Gold Street Gossip Shoppe and Ladies Tea Roomes for yet another afternoon of indulgence.

Or so I imagined. Quite by mistake, I fronted first and had, instead, the fun of setting up the various bits of hardware, sackbutts, viols, contrabassoons, contrafagotti, cromornes, double bassoons, fifes, fipple flutes, flageolets, flugelhorns, funk band instruments, hautboys, heckelphones, hornpipes, and spittoons that are apparently the necessaries (see note 1) of a jam session. Continue reading →

Wanted: vocalists and instrumentalists

Book a solo or duo spot backed by the house band of the Melbourne Music Performers at the next event. Vocal or instrumental, you choose the songs. If you need help finding charts, choosing keys or performing, we’ll help you.

Our next event is on Friday 2 September at Eira Café Lounge Bar, 1 Pryor St, Eltham.

Don’t leave it too long to request a spot or you might miss out!

Contact Kevin or Ann through the messaging system at:

So Who Goes to Jam Sessions these days?

One sometimes wonders. I wandered somewhat thirsty into the mouldering pile about ten minutes late last Sunday. Numbers have been down of late, but they are slowly climbing yet again, and any day now the self appointed elites will descend in numbers upon us, demand excessive playing time and generally make the rest of us look average. To which we have always aspired… Continue reading →

The Fifth Stage: Jam Session de luxe

The development of jazz, from its earliest stages through to the demise of the postmodern CD cover is often described in four categories: Early Jazz, Swing, Be Bop and Post Bop. Not that the jammers had a great regard for that this week. Adopting their habitual fifth category, they systematically demolished almost every toon suggested by an increasingly demented Captain Chaos.

2016-08-21 17.32.59

Pride of place must go to Messrs Curtis, Chaos, Peter the bass and Michael on drums, for a particularly fine effort in destroying Mr Mingus’ bebop Round Midnight. Who would have though it was possible to drop bars before you have even started? Continue reading →

Soiree Musique

Melbourne Music Performers

The next Soirée Musique is on Friday 24 April 2015, 7:30-11:15pm at Ember Lounge, Northcote.
We moved to this new venue, last month, and it was really jumping. Good food, too! Never quite sure who’ll be in the house band but possibly some of:
Ann Craig (flute)
Alan West (saxophone)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Tony Luxmoore (keyboard)
Stan van Hooft (bass)
Paul Phillips (drums)

Take a look at the event page to see what’s happening, how you get on the programme, &c.

Sevil Sabah with Jazz Notes in a double bill with Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet

Sevil Sabah and Jazz Notes are coming back to Dizzy’s in a double bill with Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet.

Jazz Notes will bring to you a wide range of music with the elegant and sultry voice of Sevil Sabah: from swing and jazz standards to some with a twist, gentle ballads, Latin, blues, soul and even some funky pop.

Then, it’ll be time for Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing but there’ll certainly be plenty of energy and antics when the Smith and Clark families get together.

And the night will finish with another set from Jazz Notes.

Who knows? We might even combine the bands for a few numbers.

Sevil Sabah with Jazz Notes
Sevil Sabah (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Daniel Pickard (bass)
Tom Doublier (drums)

Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet
Annie Smith (vocals)
Roger Clark (saxophone)
Rory Clark (piano)
Paige Smith (bass)
Allan Smith (drums)


Tue 25 November, 2014

Bookings recommended

Dizzy’s Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street
Richmond 3121
(03) 9428 1233

More about Jazz Notes at .