Inchmeal Cafe Friday 3rd Nov (before Cup Weekend)

You’re invited to my next performances with a wonderful group of musicians in the suburb of Notting Hill, near Clayton/Glen Waverley. We will be playing at Inchmeal Cafe, a cosy and quaint cafe near Monash University. Katerina Myskova will be leading us in song, Ben Stewart will play guitar, Ivan Sultanoff on double bass, Andre Speldewinde on the drums and myself on keys. It will be a night of familiar jazz standards, swing tunes and latin songs. The venue showcases some local artistic talent with some handmade products for sale such as jewellery, prints, bags and candles. Light refreshments also available from the cafe.

It is the perfect way to unwind after a busy week. You can meet up with a friend, enjoy an easy and local date night without having to go into town or even bring the family! I think there’s a toy box with goodies for the little ones to play with in between staring at the huge double bass!!!

The last concert at this venue was full so please book tickets as soon as possible using the links:
Fri 3rd Nov
More info about Inchmeal Cafe here:

Settle down

No sooner had I eased the corporate chariot into one and a half spaces, parking not being my strong suit, than I was greeted by the sight of young Nadira strolling somewhat purposefully towards the battered green door of the Gold Street Bebop Stop and Tea Roomes.

The Hobart chanteuse, possibly one of the better known singers in Lenah Valley, was urged on by a beaming Captain Chaos, who may have sat back and listened to a selection of swing tunes finely crafted, but not to the extent that he forgot to plan some disruptive fours for later on. Marion appeared a little lost on some of the rowdier numbers, and a little found on some of the others – another fine contribution. Continue reading →

The Captain Chaos Quartet Session at The Royal Standard

Given the short notice, we keenly anticipated a near empty room for the CCQ with Katerina Myskova last week. Got that wrong, pretty much full all night and an appreciative audience enjoyed a lively set.

This Friday, 14th October, Annie Smith is fronting the CCQ at the Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William Street, North Melbourne – from 7.30 – 9.30pm.

This week’s line-up features the Captain (sax) TW (keys) Michael on drums and Ivan Sultanoff (double bass). Annie will go for a jaunt through her idiosyncratic song book – always entertaining – whilst the rest of us try to keep up. If you fancy a listen , grab a seat early. Parking is free, the food is good for the peckish, and the rest of you can amuse yourself with a cheeky little chardonnay at the bar. Sweet!


The Divine Miss Smiff – er, Annie, the microphone is over here . . .

The Captain Chaos Quartet Sessions are starting again!

After a hiatus of some months, the Friday night sessions are back. For the next four weeks, we will be putting together different line-ups for a Friday evening of cheap beer, and dodgy jazz toons at the newly done-up Royal Standard Hotel. The purpose of the CCQ sessions is to give jammers an opportunity to play longer gigs. Venues have been known to pay the bands on occasion (and not always to play somewhere else…)

If you would like to get a spot, contact the Captain at the Jam sessions – we won’t promise, but will try and slot you in. Continue reading →

So Who Goes to Jam Sessions these days?

One sometimes wonders. I wandered somewhat thirsty into the mouldering pile about ten minutes late last Sunday. Numbers have been down of late, but they are slowly climbing yet again, and any day now the self appointed elites will descend in numbers upon us, demand excessive playing time and generally make the rest of us look average. To which we have always aspired… Continue reading →

Laika Bar:

The Laika Bar

Last Friday, The Justine Jones Trio played at the Laika as part of the Summer Jazz in St Kilda event. It didn’t burn to the ground, so this week sees Katerina Myskova doing her jazz thing, which she does extremely well, accompanied by Daniel Pickard on Bass, meself on drums and the Captain de Chaos. Continue reading →

The Laika Bar Friday Night Sessions

rom 8.00pm every Friday at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

Great line up this month – Katerina kicked it off last week with a speed freak session of up-tempo ballads.

This week Sevil Sabah will be fronting her Inverloch band (Calamatta, Eiji,Twang Stewart and meself). We will have Matt Berg on drums.


22nd January: Shimona does her first Laika session. This lady can really sing!

Camera 360

Camera 360

29th January: Jen Salisbury, with guitarist Keaton, Doug The Pres Kuhn , meself and an as yet unnamed drummer, with a guest spot by Burlesque Dancer Sahara Inferno. … of which more next week


The Laika Bar Gets busy, and we are going for a Saturday

The Laika Bar gets busy, and we are going for a Saturday

The gorgeous Jen Salisbury had another busy one last week – it is getting busy down Fitzroy Street.

This week the bouncing Katerina de Praha will be cruising through a bit of latin, and few standards and several songs in far too many flats. All class, brought down to earth by her regular rhythm section (who said irony was dead?) of the Haircut, Ben the Banker and meself..

Katerina Myskova, from 8.00pm Saturday 12th November at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

The Laika Bar: Katerina this week : Captain Chaos Quartet did a freebie…

Yep, we did. Grumpy Boris was even grumpier than usual, although he did cheer up when we said we were having enough fun that we would play for drinks, and then cheered up even more when the bar filled up, and probably cheered up even more when we stopped and left. Cheerful fellow, Grumpy Boris.

This Friday night, Miss Katerina Myskova, with the Captain Chaos Quartet none of whom have learnt from the rigours of playing in 6 flats last time, and being prepared to do it again. Any more flats and we will need a planning permit.

Oh, yes, Katerina: trained at the Prague Academy or something, lots of experience in hotels, bars clubs and the like, a real musician, can really swing, slightly gorgeous and an entertainer to boot. You might consider dropping in for a sit by the log fire with a glass of something warming.

Katerina Myskova and the boys from 8.00pm Friday 14th August at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

Laika Bar – edited

The return of Katerina Myskova . . . Friday 1st May… not. In late breaking news, Ms Myskova has , sadly,  had to withdraw due a head cold. She will be replaced by the Captain Chaos Quartet featuring John Calamatta who is every bit as good looking as Katerina, but we can’t find the photo to prove it, can sing almost as well, but we hope he doesn’t, and plays a mean sax (well, it never bought me a drink..)

And Ben the Banker on guitar, Doug Haircut Kuhn on stick bass, and meself hoping for a lively night!

The Captain Chaos Quartet, Friday 1st May from 7.30pm to 10.00pm

Laika Bar
6 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda,

The Laika Bar: The standard goes up . . .

Last Friday’s session from Katerina Myskova was absolutely hot – so much so that she will be back on May 1stt. .

This week see the return of Sonia D, with Daniel Pickard on bass, the Captain on sax and meself on keys. Sonia has produced a couple of lively sessions at the Laika – what will she come up with this time?


Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 10th April, Sonia Davoine with the Captain Chaos Quartet from 7.30pm to 10.00pm