The Next Jam Session 11 Years of mediocrity and still counting…

Hope you had a suitably jolly, politically non-correct, festive season, ate too much, drank too much, argued with the mother in law, kicked the dog gently, or did absolutely SFA, as the mood took you.

To help you recover, the Jam Sessions, rashly, are starting again on January 13th, when the desperates at least, and possibly a few other desultory souls, will be gathering at the Junktion Hotel, for an exploratory session of blowing the cobwebs out of the horns, tweaking the G String for the first time in ages, and charging heedless of the consequences into another Year of Trainwrecks, mangled Ballads, and b*ggered up Bebop.

Should be a laugh, hope to see you there…

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … looking up

Winter weather… such fun, we had to get there early. Once we had set up the equipment, we had everything we needed, except

· An audience
· A POOL Table (well we had that, but we didn’t need it)
· Musicians… other than Neil, Sticks Findlay and a coupla others who completed the set-up.. Continue reading →