Meanwhile, back at the Royal Standard Hotel…

Miss Joys will be singing this Friday, with Kip Dale on bass, Michelle Morrison on drums and meself on drugs. As we haven’t played together for quite a while (Ms Njambi keeps jetting off for lush gigs in Bali or something) , this should prove an interesting evening, as a pre cursor to the Festival.


Joys Njambi, Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William Street, Friday 26th May, from 7.00pm.


The Royal Standard Hotel: Joys Njambi…

Singing this Friday at the Royal Standard Hotel.
Last week, Nadira absolutely wore us (Dave Taylor, Greg Appleton, “Twang” Stewart and meself) out, flying around the playlist like a lunatic, but, hell, it was fun.


This Friday, Joys Njambi is back, with another set of old and new toons: probably the most experienced of the singers to have done the RSH thing, and a lot of fun… if she remembers her microphone. And a lot of fun if she doesn’t…singing anything from Bessie Smith to George Michael.

Kip Dale (bass), Michelle Morrison (drums), meself and Captain Sensible (saxophone) will be making up the orchestra.

Friday Night Live at…
The Royal Standard Hotel
333 William Street
North Melbourne
7.00 pm – 9.30pm Friday 31st March

The Royal Standard



We are pretty much running the same band as last week, but with the effervescent Miss Joys Njambi singing. Michelle Morrison was due to play drums but has had to pull out due to a persistent hangover or something, so Bill Swannie jumps in.

The incomparable Dave Taylor on double bass, a surprise appearance by Captain Chaos, and meself on keys.

Joys has been cranking out some new/old toons so expect chaos on the night..

The Royal Standard Friday sessions start next week

Rang Frank to see if he had changed his mind, but possibly due to memory lapse or something, he still wants us back. We are going to start on January 27th with Sevil Sabah, and then Joys Njambi, followed by Katerina Myskova. I put the late Miss Smith on the poster in the hope that she might ring me up and demand a date…




Friday Nights Live at the Royal Standard: and an invitation for 2017

Last week’s Annie Smith gig was a lot of fun if a little quieter – at one stage, every person in the bar was connected with the Jammers. And the food was pretty damn good…

Friday 16th December, Joys Njambi with the Captain Chaos Quartet

Joy’s last session before she sings at the Australian Jazz Convention in Ballarat. Promises to try out some Aretha Franklin and Etta James material along with a selection of jazz standards. Guitarist Ben Stewart will be the featured soloist.


This Friday

Friday 23rd December, Katerina Myskova with the Captain Chaos Quartet

And the year gets rounded out by Katerina – the pub is likely to be packed for this one, but we will squeeze you in. Or it will be almost empty, in which case we will shackle you to the bar…. The Chaos quartet will feature Chance Dorland on drums.


23rd December

An Invitation for 2017 Frank has already asked us back – so we will be contacting some more musicians in the near future – drop us a line at if you are interested.

Friday Night Live at the Royal Standard:

Katerina sang up a storm last week, and will be a hard act to follow…

Which is why we have Joys Njambi singing this Friday. Joys continues to develop her jazz repertoire, and is back at the Royal Standard Hotel – with Omar Cruz on bass, Michael Finlay on drums, TW on piano and Captain Chaos hisself on saxophone. Continue reading →

A dark and stormy night at the Royal Standard

It was raining so hard when we got there, that one would doubt the band turning up, let alone anyone else – but turn up they did, and the few hardy souls who braved the weather got to hear La Myskova at her best – another night of latin and swing, delivered with panache, with yet another different line up. Continue reading →

What’s On: Saturday at some ungodly hour of the morning

Ungodly hour indeed. Actually, God may well be there, as we are backing up from Friday night for a 10.00am start at the Annual St Peter’s Anglican Church Fete, with the Captain Chaos Quartet supporting Joys Njambi in her first jazz gig. God knows what the locals will make of that, as he tends to know everything, does he not? Continue reading →

The Laika Bar

Katerina sang a blinder last Friday night, before rushing off to Inverloch for an even more impressive performance on the main stage.

This week sees a debut Jazz gig for Joys Njambi, who amongst other things, is the lead singer with The Grand Wazoo. Accompanied by Doug Kuhn on bass, meself on piano, and who knows who else…

Laika Bar has very kindly booked a large party in for a function, so the joint will be jumping. Jump in yourself, enjoy a cocktail under the palm trees, and hear just how good a singer Joys is. Excited about this one…


Joys Njambi at Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 18th March 2016, from 8.00pm