The Castlemaine Jazz Festival

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: Annual General Meeting: Sunday 6th September at the Cumberland Hotel, Castlemaine ,1.00pm


This should be an interesting opportunity for Castlemaine locals to put their hand up for a role on, beside or beneath the Committee. Doug Kuhn, Col Garrett, John Hannah, Rob Hall and meself have nominated to go round again, and we are hopeful of getting a couple of locals to join us. Anyone from the Jammers is welcome to attend, and members are encouraged to nominate, provided you are prepared to put in around 400 hours, and drive 2,750km for the meetings.

There will be the monthly Jam Session afterwards, at 3.30pm.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2014

Smashed it. Totally.

Over 750 musicians and audience had a fine old time – left the locals a little gob-smacked, as most of them expected nothing, and even those who were in the know had little idea of just how good the week-end was going to be. Two of the venues sold out of food on the Saturday night, one did 500 covers over the weekend, and sleepy hollow was jumpin’ for two days. Still buzzing when we packed up on the Monday.

If I had to pick two highlights, it would be the enthusiasm and generosity of the many professional musicians who played; and the number of jammers past and present who came up and thanked the Committee – Linda Carpenter, John Hannah, Captain Chaos and meself. Waddya thank us for? – we just had a blast.

Plans are afoot for a 2015 Festival – some things we’ll do again (the jam sessions each night, the Masterclasses), some things we’ll do better (the Shuttle Bus, the programming and the pre Festival publicity) some things we’ll do entirely differently (the Ticketing and Box Office); and some things we will hope to keep going (the 60 volunteers who made it all possible).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The Captain is balancing the books, I am filling in the APRA forms, John has been touring the venues and getting feed back and has now reverted to his afternoon naps, and Linda is preparing the post Festival review.

Stay tuned!

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: The Festival you started . . .

Only a week to go, and here’s how we stand.

The Festival organisers (Captain Chaos, John Hannah, and Linda Carpenter) have each put in over 500 hours of voluntary work to make this happen. I just waffle about in the background, because that is what I am good at. (or “. . . for”, I can’t decide which). The Festival is going to feature 125 hours of performance, from over 200 musicians, all of whom have donated their time, and put up the seed money to get it off the ground. And the biggest contributor of all has been the Melbourne Jazz Jammers.

Whether you are a muso who plays at the occasional jam, or your name is Marg, you owe it to yourself to boogey up the Calder and get a piece of the action – there will be 50+ bands over two days of non-stop music, in seven different venues, all of which are licensed.

Marg, Princess of Cool and Keeper of the List will be there – she started the Jazz Jammers when the old Dizzy’s closed and will be entirely to blame if it all goes tits up. Which it won’t, because when the Jammers do something, they do it well..

Be there!