Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2018

Found some flyers on the tables: the first sighting of publicity for the Jazz Festival, and in the only room in Victoria where everyone has aready heard of it. Never mind, the juggernaut is, we are assured, gathering pace.

Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2017 News Update

June 9th – June 12th 2017

Venues: Run Rabbit Run is definitely in – one of the original venues and right in the middle of town.

Musicians: Musician Registration must be completed and registration fees ($20) paid by 24th April 2017… The fees are needed for Festival cashflow, but provided income is available, these will be reimbursed (and hopefully more) afterwards. No registration, no reimbursement.

Volunteers: for any Jammers not registered to play at the Festival, the opportunity exists to be a volunteer Door Manager. Apart from getting to hear some great bands, you will also get a free Festival pass. Anyone interested should contact Colin Garrett initially, on 0422 568 537

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Port Fairy Jazz Festival

February 10th – 12th

This is coming up very soon – and promises to be a huge event. Amongst the regular jammers who can’t get a proper gig that weekend, will be…

The Ade Ish Trio/IshAllen Project

Anne Craig Duo

Anne Hayres with John Curtis

Annie Smith and the Bossa Boys

Breakout (Col not in a suit)

Christine Manetta with Black Pearl

David Ruiz Prado trio

G and T Jazz

Port Phillip Showband (Col in a suit..)

And Doug Kuhn in almost everything …Annie & the Bossa Boys, G&T Jazz, Not Quite Right

All the rest (around a hundred bands) are absolute rubbish, or not as the case may be. Should be a fantastic weekend.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: June 10th – 12th 2016


Another Planning meeting for the Committee this week, and a busy agenda to be covered. This year we are aiming for semi-controlled chaos, an ambitious target but what the heck…

The closing date for band registrations, 4th March, is getting nearer, best get ya skates on…and after that, best make sure you have registered and paid as a musician – we need to get your name in soon so we can order the Neon Lights…

Bands to have signed up already include the fabulous Ade Ish, John McGill’s Undectet, the LowDown Big band, and the legendary Adam Rudegair. Who ran the jam sessions for three years, and is about the most entertaining keyboard player around.

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The Marysville Jazz and Blues Festival 16th – 18th October

Was well attended by all accounts, with a lot of peeps on the street enjoying some fine music, food and wine, and the weather was more than generous. I will catch up with Peter Guest once he has slept it off, but the hope is that this will become an annual Festival.

Marysville Jazz and Blues Festival 16 – 18 October 2015


This is the inaugural Festival, run by local identity, raconteur and all round good guy Peter Guest. If you are at a loose end and fancy giving the newly invigorated Marysville the once or twice over, this would be a good time to do it. There will be a range of music presentations by some pretty good bands, and a number of free-to-the public events, buskers and heaven knows what else.

Marysville is only 20 minutes from town if you are Bronwyn Bishop, and about an hour and half for the rest of us. You have to go past about 43 wineries in the Yarra Valley to get there, so you had better leave by about Thursday.

The line-up includes Wilbur Wilde, Tottie and the Wanderers, Joe Talia, Nick Charles, and my personal favourite, one time jammer Mama Alto. Tickets are selling fast – get yours now by logging onto

And when you are done, you have to drive past 43 wineries on the way back.


The Castlemaine Jazz Festival

A report on the AGM: everything on track for the 2016 Festival


Congratulations to Doug Kuhn, newly elected President of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival Committee. The other Committee members are Brett Willis, Vice President, Col Garrett, John Hannah, meself, Kirsten Boerema, Fran Sylvester, and Linda Carpenter: so a better representation from Castlemaine at last. Particular props to John Hannah for holding the home town fort for a third year, and to Gentleman John Curtis, who cunningly declines to be on the Committee, but contributes as much, if not more, than any other volunteer.

This year’s Festival was 40% bigger than the first year, and returned $60 plus registration fee to each of the 280 or so musicians who played.

The Third Castlemaine Jazz Festival: June 10 – June 12, 2016

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: Volunteers Review meeting

Doug, Brett, meself and the Captain arrived on time…

A lively round table discussion with the Castlemaine based volunteers and some good suggestions for next year. Apart from the Committee, there were 55 volunteers who were indispensable to the running of the Festival – including a large number of regular Jammers, to whom the rest of us are extremely grateful.

The Festival was seed funded by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers, and quite a few regulars got to play – and entertain a series of packed houses.

We will do it again, June 3rd to June 5th 2016. You have been warned.

Festival Photos: What a Great Idea: Christmas presents sorted

Oh, you are a gorgeous lot… we had two photographers cover the event. If you would like to get hi-res copies, at vastly trifling expense.
They didn’t cover every band, but took some great shots. Your maiden aunt wants one…

Bands photographed by Tatjana Plitt
12pm Bob Sedergreen Seminar
1pm Sweet Ade
1pm Rachel Camerino & Her Gentlemen of Jazz
2pm Urban Trio +2
2pm Arkham Bop Featuring Ange Strickland
3pm Kodani Swings
3pm Ruby Street
4pm Low Down Big Band
4pm The Jazz Cats
5pm Peter McCutcheon Chamber Jazz
5pm Four Directions
6pm Sus2 Augmented
7pm Glass Moon
7pm Sevil Sabah Quartet
8pm Kim Edwards and Her Jazz Men
8pm Malt and Rye
9pm Savannah Syncopators

Contact Tatjana or Alvin as below

Tatjana Plitt
Ph: 0413 684 885

Alvin Ang 0403 700 230
e-mail: (




The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: less than three weeks to go…

We are a little concerned that the Committee, which at one stage looked quite capable of making a cods of the whole thing, is suddenly looking quite competent. There is still time to cock it all up, but we are leaving our run rather late. 85 bands, 285 musos? Should be a doddle….