“the more things change, the more they stay the same”

Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Well, he never turned up at a Jam Session anyway. It has been some time since I last wrote for the Jammers Newsletter, being rudely interrupted by the need for a little light surgery. Wandered in to the Gold Street Gossip Shop , exhausted after a long (for me) waddle down Johnston Street, at 4.00pm sharp, to be greeted by a guitarist (1), a keyboard, the good Captain with his saxophone, no drums, no bass and an exceptionally good drummer (2). Continue reading →

Xmas Jam 3 Dec 2017

By Taariq Hassan

The last jazz Jam of the year 2017 came and went with a bang.

A good turnout embraced the temperamental weather that Melbourne’s end of year December festivities offers and enjoyed some more: very loud drum solos; find a key singing; wandering tempos; lost chord changes and hackneyed show tunes and ancient standards being mangled yet again. Continue reading →

Jam Sunday 29th Nov from Taariq

What with a large contingent of usual jazz Jammers away at the Grampians Jazz Festival (and possibly also away with the fairies) the army reserve B Team, straight out of a B movie, stood in and ensured that the show must go on at the Leinster Arms Hotel on Sunday.

Such was the low turnout that after Terry sat in on drums, with this scribe on electric bass and then a lengthy stint on piano, Ivan came to the rescue on Double Bass and your humble correspondent even had a chance to brush up on the drums ( yes a drumming pun).

Fermin and Neil rotated on guitar and newcomer Craig also joined in on guitar on songs such as “Milestones”.

Glenn the Publican sat in on drums including a fast version of “Just Friends”. Continue reading →

The Annual Jammers Bash – This Sunday at the Leinster Bossa Barn

Yup, Lunch at 1.00, Chaos at 2.00 – just turn up any time, and you will be thrust into the limelight for your chance to shine in possibly under three hours. This is a great opportunity to get together with a whole bunch of other jammers, tell outrageously exaggerated lies about your musical prowess, and then get totally found out when they play Epistrophy in F# minor at 220bpm – but we don’t care…

Judging by the emails and responses, there will be a few for lunch, and the usual ageing reprobates thereafter.

You could book by looking here

From Somewhere inside the Leinster Arms

I was out there hiking in the less visited wilderness that is the North of Wilson’s Prom over the Easter long weekend. I don t have to do that again and when the trauma of pushing through 60 km of virgin scrub with 25 kgs strapped to my torso has receded like the tide, then I will be fit and semi sane enough to take on the Grampians during the ANZAC day long weekend.

Meanwhile, the sheltered workshop for the tone deaf, rhythmic dyslexics and do it yourself musical lobotomy patients resumed after the Easter break.

The Jam session started slowly Continue reading →

No Jam session at the Gold Street Gossip Shop and Tea rooms

All quiet on the western front…

…On account of we will all be going to Castlemaine Jazz Festival (Mark 2) this weekend.

Had a call from Glen (Il Duce to those in the know) this week. Apparently the Leinster Arms is not closing down, and he has to keep working until the fines are paid off. Which could take years, hopefully.


Some other things you may not have heard about Glen

He does not own shares in a hairbrush manufacturing company. We can’t imagine why.

Drummer extraordinary… Glen maintains he has played drums with some of the finest rock and roll groups in the country in his youth. Which we are inclined to doubt, as

(a) He doesn’t own a karaoke machine

(b) In his youth? Was rock and roll invented then?

Glen’s first session with the Jazz Jammers was on an electronic drum kit. He may have forgotten this, but we have not.

The Leinster Arms has won a lot of Awards, as one of Melbourne’s finest watering holes. But not since 2010

The Jammers started the Jam sessions at the Leinster Arms in 2010

If you do turn up at the Leinster Arms in a fit of absent mindedness (and let’s face it, that covers most of us), there may be live music this Sunday.

The Lunatic Soup Lounge: Report from the Captain

23 musicians attended the Leinster on Sunday. Music started with Sam Izzo on keys, Doug on bass, Glen on drums and a lone saxophonist. Lee arrived soon after from Bendigo with his smooth sounding trumpet,with Noel on flute and tenor and Taariq and young Matt on guitar. Michael took over on drums and in walked Elliot with his new trombone, Mihoko with a borrowed double bass and Anthony with his guitar to add to the cacophony.

Sam was replaced by John Curtis, then Bob, then Richard on Keys. Vocals were supplied by Kevin, Debbie, Anne and John. Later arrivals were Chico (guitar) Carson (bass) and Conrad (bass). Last to come through the door was John Calamatta to add some class to the front line.


The Gold Street Gossip ShopSunday Arvo Session (episode 192)

If you worked all Sunday and got there late, you will have missed as much as me….fortunately, I got there just in time to catch Peter Bennett (bass) Don (guitar) and Gentleman John Curtis (piano) ripping through some jazzy little toons – sounded like real music for a while before the Captain (sax) and I (drumsfergawdssake) managed to restore normal service.

Despite my worst efforts, it took quite a while to persuade Glen (Il Duce) to take over the slap bash and rattle department, and the afternoon took off. After last week’s seven singers, the tonsil artistes were a bit thin number-wise, but Christine Manetta and Bruce (d) managed to reduce us to chaos on a coupla songs, the Debster and Bob Vinard had a fine old time, and Spike (playing RMR with Ange on March 28th) set up a magic little groove or three before a late breaking Sebastien cooled it all down.

The guitars had the best of it – Bennett switching to six strings and making them sound like eight, – Ian stretching it out with a few fine solos later on, whilst I sat outside in the late afternoon sun discussing the dubious fortunes of Barcelona FC and listening to some smooth -as jazz.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids.

The Leinster Arms Hotel

150th Anniversary Birthday Celebrations

Sunday August 18th, 2013


A Carnival atmosphere will be all around this outstanding historic hotel as we say “Happy Birthday” to this grand old lady.

  • We will open up for you at 9.00 am to get you in the mood.
  • Our local Art Exhibition will connect you to new heights.
  • A FREE sausage sizzle will feed you – A gold donation to the Reach Foundation will make you feel good !
  • Free wine tastings will embrace your palate.
  • The C.U.B. Clydesdales will astound you – between Midday and 2.00pm. approx
  • Vintage Fire Engines from Eastern Hill will take you back – between 2.00pm – 4.00pm approx


–          Our “Cool “ Jazz Band will have you dancing and jumping.

–          Local troubadour, “Marty” will sooth you with his calming ballads and wake you up with rock.

–          Live Irish Music will have you doing the Irish jig.

We will not close until you want to go home – or 11.00pm (when our licence says so).

A great day for the family and your friends to enjoy and take in the atmosphere that one can only get from a 150 year old pub !

Where are we ?                   

66 Gold Street, Collingwood (cnr Hotham Street)  Ph.9417-5720.  www.leinsterarms.com.au

The Year is 1863……………..

  • Queen Victoria is our monarch
  • The Melbourne Cup has its third run
  • No Royal Exhibition Buildings or Melbourne Town Hall have been built
  • The American Civil War is raging in Gettysburg Pennsylvania


150 Years ago.

Margaret Gifford receives the hotel’s first licence for the only SINGLE STORY pub in Melbourne at that time.

A stalwart of the Collingwood people up to this day, the pub has a checkered and colourful history.

Melbourne business identity, John Wren, was born within ‘spitting’ distance of the pub in 1871 and lived there until his marriage in 1901.

‘Squizzy’ Taylor was a regular in his day when the pub’s façade was of bluestone and the hotel struck up its long relationship with the ‘Local Football Club’.

The hotel has never been delicensed and with the renovations of 1930, the new red bricks were added, together with new stained glass windows – copied from The Leinster Arms in Ireland – to suit the fashion of the day. A small temporary bar was established to keep the locals happy and well refreshed.

Archbishop Mannix would call in and discuss the faith with the mainly Irish Catholic patrons.

The surrounding area is steeped in history, a history that continues to the present day.

There is a document inside the Hotel showing an old map, “Collingwood’s Pubs”.

Sadly today, because of high land prices, many of these historic buildings have been demolished or made way for development.



and surrounding areas.

Join in our celebrations – There are a lot more to come…..

The Leinster lurches… and that was a big phat zero…

The Gold Street Gossip Shop was so popular with the Mothers that Glen cancelled last week’s jam. I didn’t realize Collywobblesville had that many people with mothers. Ah, well…apologies to anyone who didn’t get an sms:- it was very late notice and we managed to get about 60 texts out, but I know some peeps turned up… console yourselves with the thought that the music was, whilst non-existent, therefore of a significantly higher standard than usual..

Of course, that was the day we advertised under Drummers Wanted on Melband and got 115 hits in 36 hours…