The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: June 10th – 12th 2016


All of a sudden, the Festival is getting closer. We now have some ridiculously good bands booked to appear, and some real crowd pleasers (Dr Crask and His Swingin’Elixir would be the most fun band I have sat in with for quite some time).

The Castlemaine mob is organising two promotional sessions: one with Low Down Big Band at MLC. and the other at the Arts Open Festival in Castlemaine in March – if any singer fancies a trip to the Goldfields and a couple of hours singing, drop us a line, we have a spot spare. Messrs Kuhn, Sayers, Chaos and TW will be playing, and getting the word out about the Festival.

Wangaratta Jazz Festival: this weekend

The Jammers will be playing at:

· The Bull’s Head: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

· The Market, possibly, Sunday morning

Seems like we have a few starters – the Sevil Sabah Quartet will play a set at the Bull’s Head, always assuming we can stagger from the Faithfull Street stage in time on Saturday, Chelsea Allen will slap the skins , and the sublime Ade Ish is rumoured to be dropping by – as well as the regulars, all marshalled by the inimitable Captain Chaos (70 and a bit) himself.

Quite what the Bulls Head cognoscenti will make of this remains to be seen, but a coupla good nights in prospect. The Market was a blast last year. Drop by and have a dip…

Or buy a ticket and hear some real music….

The Halls Gap Jazz Festival 13th – 15th February

Actually, most of the CCQ regulars will be up at Halls Gap doing the Grampians Jazz Festival thing: amongst those going are The Captain, The Haircut, Gentleman John Curtis, The Reverend Kevin and his troubadours, Anne Hayres, the Divine Miss Smiff, and Angie Strickland. They will all rotate at dizzying speed through about six bands each, and a good time is guaranteed.