The Laika Bar: Goes a Bit Irish…

The Laika Bar returns to the new normal, after last week’s Grand Prix fuelled swing session with the lad (Steve Rossitto) and the lads (CCQ)

A new singer this week: Eithne Cunningham, from Dublin via Sydney. She comes armed with a great voice (it’s the Guinness, apparently, they bathe in it from the age of 2 and a bit onwards) and a great set of jazz tunes. Doug “Haircut”Kuhn will keep the tempo,

John Calamatta on sax, Captain Chaos will keep the peace, and I will keep trying.

Should be a fun night.

Eithne 1

Eithne, at The Laika Bar, this Friday 20th March, from 7.30 – 10.00pm.