Port Fairy Jazz Festival

February 10th – 12th

This is coming up very soon – and promises to be a huge event. Amongst the regular jammers who can’t get a proper gig that weekend, will be…

The Ade Ish Trio/IshAllen Project

Anne Craig Duo

Anne Hayres with John Curtis

Annie Smith and the Bossa Boys

Breakout (Col not in a suit)

Christine Manetta with Black Pearl

David Ruiz Prado trio

G and T Jazz

Port Phillip Showband (Col in a suit..)

And Doug Kuhn in almost everything …Annie & the Bossa Boys, G&T Jazz, Not Quite Right

All the rest (around a hundred bands) are absolute rubbish, or not as the case may be. Should be a fantastic weekend.


Carruthers plays up…

“I don’t like it, Carruthers, its, its just too damned quiet….”

Carruthers has, apparently fixed that, and now the jams are almost too damned noisy instead. Last week saw a mixed bag of trophies pinned to the ancestral walls of the mouldering pile, and we will skip, figuratively, over the opening salvo – a piping hot set with Sam Izzo at the keys – and get to the guts of the matter, which was the sight of Il Duce twinkle toeing across the dance floor to tell the five, read it and weep, five saxaphones to shut the f*** up. Messrs Chaos, Cardinal Calamatta, Alan West, Tony and Laurie Savage were the guilty parties.


A piping hot set: Haircut, Savage, De Wang and Izzo – who departed after this, leaving the others to go downhill all afternoon Continue reading →

The Fifth Stage: Jam Session de luxe

The development of jazz, from its earliest stages through to the demise of the postmodern CD cover is often described in four categories: Early Jazz, Swing, Be Bop and Post Bop. Not that the jammers had a great regard for that this week. Adopting their habitual fifth category, they systematically demolished almost every toon suggested by an increasingly demented Captain Chaos.

2016-08-21 17.32.59

Pride of place must go to Messrs Curtis, Chaos, Peter the bass and Michael on drums, for a particularly fine effort in destroying Mr Mingus’ bebop Round Midnight. Who would have though it was possible to drop bars before you have even started? Continue reading →

Jam Session News: It’s dropping off…

As Hortense might have said, had she been there, which she could have been. There have been some quieter weeks for the jam sessions of late – for whatever reason, fewer singers in particular. All of which creates a greater opportunity for those that do turn up, and this week’s 15 or so musos all got plenty of playing time. Continue reading →

The Sunday Sessions

From Not Your Usual Correspondent

With your usual correspondent, Taariq, strolling around Wilson’s Promontory, the word master, Ted, still on his way to a successful recovery from a little hiccup in his health and the sun shining brilliantly on a long weekend….was anybody going to attempt to play jazz at the Leinster?

Arrived to find Doug (bass) helping Glen (drums) to set up the gear. Soon followed by Kay (vocals and keyboard), Kevin, (vocals) and Fermin (guitar). They were joined by the guy who occasionally appears with his banjo. Started off without drums until Sebastian arrived with sticks in hand..

Then others appeared like magic. Peter (bass) Ben (guitar), Paddy (guitar), John (keyboard), Geof (keyboard), Mike (drums), Frank (Alto), Alan (Tenor and percussion), and Tony (Tenor)

Soon we knew the answer to the above question……. many people were prepared to forgo a sunny autumn day on a holiday weekend to indulge themselves in playing jazz in a kinky little pub somewhere in Collingwood.

Not Your Usual Correspondent (who, on the day, picked up a lot of knowledge on the need to tune kit drums. Now working out how to apply it to tuning my tenor sax)


The Laika Bar

After last week’s smooth-as but poorly paid session with Sevil, this week Risa Khodani will be singing her eclectic mixture of obscure postwar Japanese Jazz, standards, ballads and whatever – and we will be debuting young jammer Alex on drums – only Grumpy Boris doesn’t know about that, so don’t tell anyone.
Risa Khodani CJF2015

If you feel like dropping in, sitting by the fire with a glass of something, and pretending you know what Risa is banging on about when she sings in Japanese, we would love to see you!

Risa Khodani, Ted Woollan (p) Doug Kuhn (b), Young Alex (d) at The Laika Bar 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 28th August, from 8.00pm onwards

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: Annual General Meeting: Sunday 6th September at the Cumberland Hotel, Castlemaine ,1.00pm


This should be an interesting opportunity for Castlemaine locals to put their hand up for a role on, beside or beneath the Committee. Doug Kuhn, Col Garrett, John Hannah, Rob Hall and meself have nominated to go round again, and we are hopeful of getting a couple of locals to join us. Anyone from the Jammers is welcome to attend, and members are encouraged to nominate, provided you are prepared to put in around 400 hours, and drive 2,750km for the meetings.

There will be the monthly Jam Session afterwards, at 3.30pm.

The Laika Bar: Grumpy B Comes Out to Listen . . .

Friday night, the impeccable Miss Katerina Myskova, with meself, Doug “haircut” Kuhn and, if he answers the phone in time, Captain Chaos himself. Miss K wowed ém at Dizzy’s last Friday and has condescended to slum it with us mere mortals once more – actually, she jumped at the chance.

Last Friday, Jen Salisbury hopped in as the booked singer called in sick, and despite Grumpy Boris’ initial reservations put in 2 hours of up tempo jazz, swing and blues, without batting an eyelid. Marvellous attitude, great singing and came up smiling. The goods! Boris was so impressed he ungrumped himself and asked for her again. Stay tuned…

Props to the Captain who sat in for a coupla numbers, but stayed and played all night, at tempos that would make a maiden blush; and to “Twang” Stewart on guitar for some great solos.

Katerina Myskova and the boys from 8.00pm Friday 31st July at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,

The Laika Bar gets lit up Red

After last week’s Instrumental night, which went rather well, judging by goodly crowd and the Bar Manager’s response, this week Catherine McQuade will be doing her latin thing all over the front of the grand piano, accompanied by Doug and meself, with a special guest appearance by Captain Chaos, on account of he hasn’t seen the set list yet.

All charts to be read off Doug’s telephone, and correspondence will not be entered into

Anyone for drinkies?

Cathy McQuade and the Captain Chaos Quartet : Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 7.30 – 9.30, Friday 8th May

The Gold Street Gossip Shop puts on a good one . . .

Captain Chaos, who was playing a gig last Sunday, won’t believe it, but a goodly lot of jammers turned up and they all played nicely in his absence. As someone remarked, it was all a little less chaotic – if this is true, we must really try harder…

So, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse was there, and played some blisteringly good guitar solos. Ben The Banker was there and played some sweet guitar, Sebastien was there and forgot to drum loudly or lose the the beat; Doug Haircut Kuhn held sway on his stick thin bass, Ivan turned up without his bass, and Dave Taylor turned up with his. Not many singers at first, but some fine trumpet from Sumire, plenty of solos from Peter Cole, who seemed to enjoy the space, and some ace piano from Bob and then Don Fraser later on. The Hirsh played some sublime percussion.

Chris (tonsils) and Bruce (drums) contributed a fine set, most probably in the key of J# minor, which seems to be one of her favourite keys.

Eventually, the sun set, the evening turned cold and I wandered out well satisfied, whilst the lads were still in full swing. It is afternoons like this which make you want to come back the next week

Which we no doubt will…


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