Apparently . . .

Apparently there was a Jam Session at the Gold Street Gossip Shop. It quite got in the way of POCKOTL’s social catch up, what with various peeps masquerading as musos and making noise whilst claiming it to be music . . .

Had the somewhat reclusive Hortense been there, and she may well have been, in a backgroundy sort of fade-to-black kind of way, lips of string could have been the order of the day. People enjoying themselves in the middle of the afternoon… whatever next? But… apparently the magnificently coiffed POCKOTL was taking notes in between furtive slurps of Cyprus Sherry or whatever.

“mmm, was only there a coupla hours, but there was Chrissy doing Fever and a couple more, and Bruce on drums, Annie S letting it rip, Bobbie, Peter on sax, who filled in as third lieutenant in getting players and singers up…

Taariq, the French guy on double bass who also sat in on drums..quite well I thought…the irrepressible Debbie..

the other Peter the Piano player…another double bass player….

and me and the lovely Grace sharing a drink or two just past the bar.

Sending you a clip of Chrissy singing so you may pick out some more rabble in the crowd…….

…sorry, I should have paid more attention to the music instead of yarning………..”

Apart from the reference to Debbie, who can be quite pressible when the mood takes her, that would seem to be an accurate description of the afternoon’s shenanigans. There is a reference to a Youtube clip, which has been despatched to the Jammers Facebook site, POCKOTL clearly lacking any desire to protect the guilty.

The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday, 11th October, from 5.30 – 8.30pm

Next week, Amy Jaulin will be singing, with Kain Borlase on bass, meself on piano, and Bruce Constable on drums. The swing meister himself. Amy puts on a stylish and entertaining show. Kain used to play at the Ramage jams (how long ago was that?) and apart from the pianist, that is as good a line-up as any we have had…

At The Leinster – the New Piano Debuts

Hortense was definitely not at the Leinster on Sunday. Rumour has it that she had a bad stomach virus and could not even attend a party in her own home the previous night. Nevertheless the show went on as usual with 25 performers.

Bob, John and Noel were the first to perform on the newly acquired Roland 300 keyboard which added a much to the quality of the overall sound and enjoyment of the players. Not so the newly acquired cheap bass amp which was given the thumbs down by Taariq and Stan who sounded much better through Taariq’s amp. Will only be useful when bass players turn up without an amp.

Saxophones came from everywhere..Jeff, Keith, Nick, CC, John, Peter (?) and the fore mentioned Noel. Vocals were again of a high quality…..Rachael, Anne H, Chelly and Amy all received attention from the other side of the bar. ( a sure sign that what we are doing is sounding like music).

Lee and Gabrielle played tag on trumpet and Jack’s trombone added to the cacophony. The rhythm was held together by Paul, Glen, Danilo, Sebastian and Bruce. Ben had guitar duties all to himself. No shortage of quality drummers these days. A highlight was when our special guest, Cloe, played keys for the very first time with a group. 


I don’t like it Carruthers, it’s too quiet . . .

Well not at the Leinster this Sunday, watering hole of the loose footed, medicated, confused and/or indigent, where 21 musos and singers fair lifted the roof from 4.00pm ’til gawd knows when. The Captain was in absentia, but we all agreed that, given the chaos that enlivened proceedings throughout, he was at least there in spirit… The place was fairly heaving from the start…

POCKOTL “We’ve created a monster, and now there isn’t a seat to park your arse”. I promised not to repeat that, so I will only write it once…

The afternoon started with Frank working up a sweat trying to keep up with Xavier, sublime on piano, Bruce Constable on drums, Ken from Maldon on guitar and Jack the lad on the big T, playing some easy blues, and then  mellowed out with Debbie, accompanied by Bob, both  in fine form,  followed by Michelle and then Melinda on tonsil duties, and both of them bopping up a storm. Next up were all three of the the Xavier junior division, on piano, (classy), guitar (very classy) and, good grief, flute (first flute we have had in a while). Classier still.

Ali and Peter provided saxaphone duties, and Avi took over from the decidedly defatigable Frank, who only played for about two hours before sinking exhausted into a bowl of chips out the back (or something like that).  Sam (I think) managed to sneek past the radar but turned out to be a pretty damn competent bass player, even if we threw him a Country and Western tune for starters. He did look a little confused… Bruce and Danilo traded duties on drums, with Fred demanding more latin from time to time. Danilo announced he is leaving for Brazil on Thursday, and will be back next Tuesday. I am not sure what you can do in Brazil in ten minutes… Glen took over and absolutely nailed the bossa. All good in the splat blat and rattle department.

So: an afternoon of firsts:

First time we have played without charts, because I forgot to bring any, and so did Frank. We survived on whatever we could cadge from the memory and/or the singers.

First time we have had jammers from Shepparton, Bendigo and Maldon. Seems some of them picked up the Melband ads (, and some picked up the Melbourne Jazz jammers website (

First time we have had people queuing at the door to get in.

Biggest audience, by quite a margin, since the Ramage days.

First time, the public bar has clapped. Good grief!

By my reckoning (dodgy, admittedly) the highest standard of music, consistently, across the whole session, since the Leinster started to go downhill (I think we have been there about 2 years)
So, what next? Well, obviously, next week should be a total debacle, always assuming anyone turns up, and if you have booked root canal dentistry, tickets for the Warrandyte Pot Tossers Annual Dinner Dance and Swap Meet, or perhaps a colonoscopy., that would clearly be more entertaining. Anyone with a modicum of common sense is strongly advised to not turn up. Although, now I think of it, that isn’t going to cut out too many jammers at all.
Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids