Some of the Guilty Parties

Ben Stewart, guitarist

Steve Bray, drummer

Katerina Myskova

Salah, regular drummer
Fermin, guitarist, negotiated the Junktion deal

Pony Tail Pete, bass, Annie looks on
Jack and his slush pump
Sam Izzo, pianist, concentrating hard
Julian, floot, with a microphone up his nose?

The divine Miss Smith, who forgot her hairbrush
The inestimable Captain Chaos

The Laika Bar : what ho!

The Sevil Sabah Quartet had a moderately fabulous night, with sit in drummer Chelsea Allen aceing it up from time to time, and even Ade Ish sitting in for a while. Even Grumpy Boris cracked it for a grin… Susie sat in for one number, and looked the goods. She is rehearsing up a repertoire and will take a full night at the Laika soon.

This week, we are going all instrumental, which always seems to work well, with Doug, meself, Ben Stewart (guitar) the Captain, and possibly a drummer if we remember to book one. Don’t tell the singers, but the instrumental nights have consistently worked well. Wheels must fall of eventually.

Looking forward to it, nevertheless…

The usual crew, from 8.00pm Friday 2nd October at The Laika Bar, 9 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda,