What’s on, Friday: The Royal Standard Hotel

The Royal Standard Hotel: Susie cracked it, Ann Hayres this week..

Susie cracked it indeed, at very short notice. And if the truth be told, a little light on for preparedness due to not much singing for the past 18 months. What ensued Susie having fun and a pretty good night, well received by the regulars. We must do it again.

This week sees Ann Hayres stepping up to the plate – with an eclectic selection of esoteric jazz standards: the irrepressible Dave Taylor back on double bass, the Captain on sax and a Allan Smith on drums. The night could turn out a debacle, but with those musos on board, at least it will be a stylish debacle. Or a lot of fun. Or both

Ann Hayres with the Captain Chaos Quartet, The Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William St, 7.00pm to 9.30pm, Friday 30th June 2017

Improvisation, why bother. Just make it up as you go along…

Port Fairy Jazz Festival

February 10th – 12th

This is coming up very soon – and promises to be a huge event. Amongst the regular jammers who can’t get a proper gig that weekend, will be…

The Ade Ish Trio/IshAllen Project

Anne Craig Duo

Anne Hayres with John Curtis

Annie Smith and the Bossa Boys

Breakout (Col not in a suit)

Christine Manetta with Black Pearl

David Ruiz Prado trio

G and T Jazz

Port Phillip Showband (Col in a suit..)

And Doug Kuhn in almost everything …Annie & the Bossa Boys, G&T Jazz, Not Quite Right

All the rest (around a hundred bands) are absolute rubbish, or not as the case may be. Should be a fantastic weekend.


A Touch of Class

If you haven’t checked out the new Dizzy’s yet, now is the time to get your party hats on and boogie on down. Getting good reports all round, and this upcoming gig is a beauty…

Anne Hayres 3

Anne Hayres Trio at Dizzys with Peter McCutcheon on Piano and Leon Heale String Bass Friday 30th September 9pm

Dizzys 368 Bridge Road Richmond 94295000. $20

So Who Goes to Jam Sessions these days?

One sometimes wonders. I wandered somewhat thirsty into the mouldering pile about ten minutes late last Sunday. Numbers have been down of late, but they are slowly climbing yet again, and any day now the self appointed elites will descend in numbers upon us, demand excessive playing time and generally make the rest of us look average. To which we have always aspired… Continue reading →

More Music than you can Poke a Stick at

The Captain causes chaos at the Luxor, and then does it all again at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

It as been a busy week: Sevil Sabah all class at the Laika on Thursday, Eithne Cunningham getting a huge thumbs up from management on Friday, a noisy session at the Luxor Bar on Saturday, and a fun packed jam session on Sunday.. Doug “Haircut”Kuhn and the Captain even managed the Showbiz Club on the Monday. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time that we are going to do it all again this week.

The Laika Bar: Friday 27th

An instrumental night: featuring Captain Chaos hisself, and Ben the Breeder on guitar, Dan Pickard on his newly restored double bass, and meself in the background. Hmm… could be interesting.

The Cpatina Choas Quartet Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, 7.30 – 9.30, Friday 27th March

The Luxor

This week, the Captain Chaos Quartet will be fronted by Anne Onyerbike Hayres, who will undoubtedly deliver a sophisticated set in front of the usual band of miscreants. Anne’s last set at the Laika was a huge night of fun, with the lady in swinging form, and descending into most unhayreslike giggles from time to time. This time?… Can’t wait!

Anne Hayres 3The Impeccable Anne Hayres and the CCQ,Luxor Bar, 124 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, 6.00 – 8.30pm Saturday 28th March

25 Jammers New and Old

The last Session of the Year was the longest I can remember, with over 25 Jammers new and old wandering in throughout the day and rocking the joint for a mere eight hours.

Glen (Il Duce to those in the know) went all out with a great set-up (he even put in foldbacks fergawdsake), opened up the Atrium and the Beer Garden to the street, and got blessed with a really fine day (the Gods must be tone deaf)   After a fine light luncheon (nobody died) around 25 musicians swapped and chopped all day long, ably mustered by Captain Chaos hisself, who did, it must be said, look a little stuffed by the end.

The singers – Anne Smith, Anne Hayres, Sonia Davoine, Melinda Traves and Sevil Sabah , Marita and Lehma, amongst others, really turned it on. Doug Haircut Kuhn drove that stick bass all day long, Matthias, The Hirsh,  Sebastien, and others rattled the skins, The Captain, Jason, Keef, Peter, Dennis, Kepler, Marion, and I can’t remember who else soloed, Ben and Ray Hood (the original Lounge Lizard) on guitars, Blonde Bob, Gentleman John Curtis and meself, amongst others, tickled the plastics, and there too was the invisible trombonist, Jack Morris.

A great end to a fine year of Jam Sessions – there were four people there who, to the best of my knowledge, have been going to the Jams for over 23 years. And still can’t get it right. Makes you wonder..

We will be back on 18th January.

Hortense and Madge from Altona send their regards.

Toodle Pip!

The Umbrella Bar: A night off

Another quiet week: the sophisticated Anne Hayres impressing the few punters who fronted, terrifying the band by singing the verses as well as the choruses, and putting on an entertaining evening of ballads, latin and blues.. The Captain in support, in fine form also.

This week, Temo is shutting the bar for Yom Kippur, as you should, and we will return next week to blow out the cobwebs.

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Closed this week.

The Umbrella Bar: A class act

This week, Anne Hayres will be singing, accompanied by Daniel Pickard (bass), meself (piano) and the Captain, on an assortment of saxaphones, clarinets and possibly bagpipes.

You may be thinking that Miss H is way too classy for a joint like this, and you may be right, but we are all looking forward to swinging the tits off her favourite toons and generally having a good time.

Which we undoubtedly did last week, when Angela Strickland vocalled up a storm in front of a smallish audience, and Jason weaved some wonderful lines on his tenor. Scarey good!

Anne Hayres at The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 26th September, 7.30pm – 10pm,

Anne Hayres at Kojo Brown

Every Wednesday Anne Hayres with Rene Tessmer on string bass and Pat Lajoie on guitar at:

Kojo Brown
294 Bridge Road

We do the usual standards but also some modern stuff as well as presenting some different composers.  Currently building up the Bacharach tunes…….hope to see you there!
Thanks Anne

The Captain Chaos Session – it is on the move (again . . . )

This week, the inestimable Annie “Gorgeous in a blue frock” will be singing with Gentleman John Curtis at the pianola. Doug “Unflappable” Kuhn on bas and a fine band to boot.. but at the Leinster Arms instead of Ruby’s Music Room. A goodly turnout is the order of he day, what with FREE DRINKS being offered (at Bar prices).

Anne will be previewing her Castlemaine Jazz Festival programme, and you are all invited to come along, misbehave, cheer wildly and generally have a good time.

Should be a lot of fun, and as an added bonus I will be in Brisbane, so that’s all good!

Next week, there is no session at Ruby’s Music Room, as Rob will be chasing the burgeoning crowd from the Melbourne International Jazz Festival punters, all of whom will undoubtedly eschew the dubious allure of a variety of aged American Jazz greats who will be well past their use by dates and still charging like wounded bulls, whilst the rest of us will be having a good time at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival instead. What’s not to like?

Anne Hayres with Gentleman John Hayres, Doug Kuhn and the crew at The Leinster Arms, Friday evening from 6.00pm