Castlemaine Jazz Festival: The Buzz

The Committee will probably be brain dead by the time we get there, but we have now decided, on the basis of ticket sales to date, that the Festival is going to run at a profit. Strewth! If anyone has any ideas what to do the $3.56, do get in touch.

The rest of you had better buy a ticket soon

This week’s featured bands: shameless self promotion: The Amy Jaulin Quartet (Saturday) and Annie and The Captain’s Crew (Saturday and Sunday).

Tickets are $75 for a week end pass, and $40 for a day pass – under 18 and Concession card holders $35 for the weekend , and $20 for a daypass. Kids under 5, $250

I was kidding about the last bit.


Amy Jaulin, our favourite ditzy blonde

What’s On, What’s Not

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions: Not Now Hortense…

Risa duly packed ’em in last week, for a cracker of a session as promised.. So if you missed it, you will almost certainly be heading down to Ruby’s Music Room this Friday to see Sevil Sabah do her sultry little thing. Don’t – RMR will be closed for a private function for Friday night (at which the Sevil Sabah Trio will be playing) …. for a Lithuanian wedding reception.

Next week, Amy Jaulin hits the stage Friday 21st March, followed by Ange Strickland on 28th March. Should be some gems between them. More anon…

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett\’s Lane, Friday March, CLOSED.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014:

The rush of band applications continues – Captain Chaos and moi will be struggling with the mighty spreadsheet whilst the rest of the Committee do the real work… Band applications will be closing on April 15th, so get yours in now. Then go out and sell your grandma some tickets…

Kojo Brown: Group du Jour

Richmond’s finest lamb shanks continue to appeal. Kojo Brown provides Saturday night spots for the Jammers – Buddy has been singing there for years, Anne Hayres is a regular, and in more recent times, Ruby Rogers, Amy and Sevil have all had a number of nights without scaring the locals.

Whoever is there (and this week it might be Chelly Parisi) the shanks will be fabulous.

Kojo Brown, Church Street, Richmond, Saturday 7.00 – 10.00pm

Kojo Brown

Amy Jaulin is singing this Saturday, with meself on piano and Doug Kuhn on bass. We’ll all have a good time, and if you feel like one of Tony’s lamb shanks, for god’s sake get a grip, dress appropriately and drop in.

Amy Jaulin, Kojo Brown, Saturday 19th October, Bridge Road opposite the Richmond Town Hall, from 7.00pm to 10.00pm

The Grand Hotel –last week: big voice, big crowd, huge bass

It takes a bit to upstage Amy Jaulin, but that would seem to have been the case when the barman said “ who’s the f***in’ bass player, you can get him back any time you f****in well like.”(verbatim misquotation). I took this to mean he thought he was quite good. So props to Amy for a  night of fine singing, and to Kain Borlase for some great double bass solos.

So… this week, Sevil Sabah ventures forth for a full night of jazz, the occasional soul number and even some Aretha if she don’t lose her nerve. Our newest singer is looking the goods. Catch her performance before the warranty runs out. Doug Kuhn on bass, and a special performance by Ann Smiff on drums.

Sevil Sabah torches the Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer and Flinders, Friday 18th October, 5.30 – 8.30


Next week Anne Hayres is back with a whole new repertoire and her regular crew of John “chopsticks:” Curtis (piano) and Danilo (drums). Probably get a bass player organised before then.

The Grand Hotel – what a night

If you missed last week’s double header with Chelly Parisi and Sevil Sabah, there is no point in telling you that you missed two great sets of music. So I won’t. The regulars loved it.

This week, Amy Jaulin is back, with her eclectic mix of jazz standards, pop tunes, show tunes and anything else she feels like at the time – our favourite ditzy blonde, accompanied by Kain Borlase on double bass,  Bruce Constable (percussion) and meself on piano. The gorgeous Amy has always drawn a crowd, and with a Sydney based drummer, and a professional Bass player, anything is possible. Pianist to struggle with that lot…

Amy Jaulin Sings! The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday11th October, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday, 11th October, from 5.30 – 8.30pm

Next week, Amy Jaulin will be singing, with Kain Borlase on bass, meself on piano, and Bruce Constable on drums. The swing meister himself. Amy puts on a stylish and entertaining show. Kain used to play at the Ramage jams (how long ago was that?) and apart from the pianist, that is as good a line-up as any we have had…

What’s Done and Dusted, What’s Happening, Where, When, With Whom perhaps

Update 18 July 2013

This Friday at the Grand Hotel, Chelly Parisi will be singing, accompanied by Kip Dale (Bass) and Bruce Constable (drums). She don’t know what she in fer – Bruce is the smoothest of the regular drummers, and one of the youngest (well in the top ten anyway). He flies down from Sydney for a session every now and then.  I will be trying to keep up on piano, and I might get the Captain to play a coupla toons. The session is going to be entirely focussed on having a good time with a great rhythm section. I suppose you could turn up if you wanted to. Marg will be there…

Next week sees a return to normality, with the DIVINE MISS SMYTHE, accompanied by Gentleman John Curtis, Danilo (drums) and Dave Taylor (double bass) accompanying. 

Chelly Parisi boogies up The Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Flinders Streets, Friday 19th July, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm

One for your diary: The Leinster Arms is having a 150th Birthday Party, with an open day on Sunday August 18th – there will be all sorts of food, goodies, bands, including possibly the Jammers band (whoever that might be) and the Brewery Clydesdales delivering the beer.   I didn’t know Glen was that old…

The Castlemaine Jam: Every first Sunday of the month from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargeaves Street, Castlemaine. If you want to score a seat, get there early, the place has been packed out of late.. Singer Meg Corson takes the guest spot at the next one.

Get up and boogie! And that should still be enough music for anyone…

The Grand Hotel: Murphy Rules

Last Friday was one of the very best sessions at the Grand: Tess Murphy singing there for the first time, Danilo a revelation on drums, Stan the Man on bass playing better than ever, and John Curtis, in a brand new but almost entirely tasteless flat cap,  holding it all together as only John can. Tess led them all through an array of tempos and tunes of a high, high standard – and they swung!

This week, the gorgeous Amy Jaulin returns with another collection of jazz standards, blues, ballads and show tunes. Amy has the knack of beguiling her audience with a stunning voice, a winning smile and 3” eyelashes. It is a killer combination…she will be accompanied by Rene Tessmer on bass and meself on Piano. There will almost certainly be a drummer, and I almost certainly haven’t arranged one just yet…

Amy Jaulin Sings! The Grand Hotel, Cnr Flinders and Spencer Streets, Fridayt May 10th from 5.30pm


What’s on at The Grand

Friday 14th sees the return of young Amy Jaulin – an eclectic bunch of songs, some old, some new, some swing some blue, a great voice and an entertaining evening, with her regular band behind her – Avi, Tom and meself.

Saturday 15th and Buddy Love will be singing, with a new line-up: Agus Batara Piano, Simon Atkinson Drums, Kepler Ryan Sax and Clarinet, Andrew Lye Bass and possibly Captain Chaos himself on Sax Interchange . Buddy will also be flogging his latest CD at the discounted price of $15. So if that is your thing, get on down and grab a bargain to boot. 

Next week, we have booked Juliane Pasternak on Friday 21st, and the hilarious but strangely intoxicating Anne Smiiff on Saturday 22nd. Cocktails and canapes all round…

What’s On at the Grand Hotel, Spenser Street

Last Friday saw Ruby Rogers fill in for an unwell Miss Magrin – not a bad night at all as it turned out. Saturday, and the Divine Miss Smiff sang her Jazz Drive latin medley, accompanied by Uncle Kevin on his smooth guitar, and surrounded by a forest of palm trees (I didn’t ask why, sometimes you just have to go with the flow when Miss S gets an idea in her head)

This week sees Amy Jaulin on Friday, accompanied by her bevy of boys (Tom and Avi) and moi on piano. Amy’s last session was one of the biggest we have had, and if a stunning voice, torch songs, ballads and belters are your thing, be there. If not, you could just turn up for the three-inch eyelashes – they are a sight to behold.

Saturday belongs to Ruby Rogers, accompanied by the same line up, only one day older.. All the chandeliers have been repaired since her last bash, and expect some Ruby Rogers style entertainment yet again: more front than Myers and some great songs to boot.

The Grand Hotel:

Amy Jaulin Sings and The Ruby Rogers Experience

Amy Jaulin, in blistering form, and the beaming Ruby Rogers  held sway last Friday and Saturday. Friday also saw a cameo appearance from the peripatetic Kay  – she has certainly never sung in front of  a Grand crowd quite that big before, and will be back for more in August. 

This week, Jo Loth sings Friday, with Andrew Putnam (drums), Nick Coulter on sax and Andrew Lye on bass – a highly rehearsed trio of musicians with whom I shall attempt to keep up. Anything is possible…