HALLS GAP JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL 26, 27 & 28 October 2018

Hi all Musicians & Music Loving Followers & Newcomers:

You are invited to attend this year. After an amazing 33 successful years, the Jazz Festival continues in the lovely valley of Halls Gap, ‘Heart of The Grampians’. Weather at this new time of the year is beautiful & no other events clash with these dates.

The event has evolved towards a smaller scale but it is more intimate, enabling everyone to have easier social connections. Halls Gap, being a small village, exudes a unique festival vibe. Short but free performances in the Hub Courtyard give the town an exciting touch,showcasing the delights to be enjoyed throughout all venues. Walking up & down the main street is a glorious ‘meet & greet’ experience. You don’t get this in a larger multi-street town.

All genres of jazz music are on offer. Some to enjoy are: Trad, Big Band, Swing, Bebop, Mainstream, Modern, Fusion, Funk, Latin, Groove, Blues, etc. Musicians & followers love the atmosphere of the indoor venues with excellent sound rendition. At present, the performance venues are: Hall, Hub, Pinnacle, Mountain Grand (Halls Gap Tavern), Kookaburra Hotel, Spirit of Punjab, Anglican Church.

Go to our Facebook page (click here) to see comments, photos & videos of last October’s festival.

Please also check out our Website (click here) for all info. You can download registration forms from here.

Joining Instructions for October this year are attached with this letter. All information to do with pricing, payment methods, cut off dates, rules, etc.is clearly described on the Registration forms. Read very carefully & fill in all boxes. Non-compliance with instructions &/or blank boxes could deem a form invalid.

This year, payments may be made by Credit Card.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for the Task Management Team, please tick the box on the Registration Form.

Let’s have great fun again in October. Best wishes to all

Don Calvert, Convenor

Contact details are:

Halls Gap Jazz & Blues Festival
8 Jockey Drive Newstead 3462
Email: festival@hallsgapjazzblues.com
Web: www.hallsgapjazzblues.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hallsgapjazzblues
Mob: 0428 227 261

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel:

Featured Singer Carol McCarthy, with Malcolm on keys another Malcolm on drums, and I am not sure who else…

But someone will surely turn up, and hopefully, the soloists will take it in turns to play over the singer rather than all play at once. We might try a single longer set as a way of keeping the chaos to a manageable level.


Carol sings a range of standards – swing tunes,
a little latin and whatever else
comes to mind. Looking forward to it.

The Bali Fiasco (2) … to be averted

The Ade Ishs Trio will be jetting off to the Ubud Festival in Bali in August, as a reciprocal gesture representing the, umm Melbourne Jazz Jammers, as well as the Castlemaine Jammers and the Jazz Festival. The originally promised funding has fallen a little bit through, and there will be an opportunity for regular jammers, particularly those who saw the Astrid Sulaiman & Yuri Mahatma Jazz Quartet free session at the Junktion, to indulge in a little light fund raising to pay for Ade’s trio’s airfares and expenses in return.

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … looking up

Winter weather… such fun, we had to get there early. Once we had set up the equipment, we had everything we needed, except

· An audience
· A POOL Table (well we had that, but we didn’t need it)
· Musicians… other than Neil, Sticks Findlay and a coupla others who completed the set-up.. Continue reading

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel: Featured Singer Annie Smith

Yup, we are running another series of featured singers, starting this Sunday with Annie Smith, who may or may not wear her little red bonnet, accompanied by Gentleman John Curtis and I am not sure quite who on double bass.


Annie Smith (this photo from the Inverloch Jazz Festival) will be selecting a coupla brackets of songs from her eclectic rep. in her own discursive style.

I need another  musician  to  play jazz  tunes from real book charts   in a  duo  format. I  will be playing  guitar or  bass depending  who fills  the  spot.

This  is a  café/ bar/small  eatery   gig,  just playing for  tips  in Brunswick   just  off  Sydney road  on a Wed. night at  ENZO’s, Michael Street  ,Brunswick. You will need to be there at  7 pm  and  play  from  7.30pm until  9pm  with a  short  break . You will be  given  refreshments on the  house  i.e  a  drink , a  snack   etc. Dress code  : look professional.
The  actual  date  is   Wed.  evening  July 18th  2018  at   7 pm. If you  are interested   then please  say  so . If not  then  please be  polite   and   inform me   that  you are not interested. If you know someone who  is  into  Jazz  and  is   proficient who might  be
interested  then  please forward   this  message to them.


Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … the dust settles and a quiet little drink

Wandered in just as the others were helping to set up the equipment from upstairs. Not so many peeps in attendance and we kicked off with a coupla spiffin instrumentals, in the vague hope that the practice would do us good… or a singer would turn up to put us out of our misery. Continue reading

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel

We are doing it all again on Sunday 8th July, 4.00pm start.

The Junktion Hotel, 99 High Street, South Kew – the Hotel is on the corner of Kew Junction. Public parking is available behind the Mercedes dealer/behind the High Street Shops off Fenton Street from High St, Kew.

The Best Part of Sunday – Jeff’s story

The attached link gets you to a 5 minute film on Youtube – shot at the Leinster jam session some time ago, and edited by Caren Brand (VCA).

click here