Aust Jazz Museum


We all know that jazz in Australia is alive and well! Great musos all over the country, lots of talented youngsters graduating from colleges and universities every year, clubs, pubs, festivals…

But what about our jazz history? The great post-war jazz blooming of the Bells, Graeme and Roger, Ade, Graeme Coyle, Bob Barnard, and more. Some of the great gigs of all time were recorded on tape and acetate, and you know what happens to them over time: they disintegrate. Continue reading →

Brief plug for MCS Studio, Mike Hirsh’s dream project out in the wild west… well, Albion just off the ringroad

Sevil Sabah recorded there recently. After a first session bedevilled by technical gremlins, we laid down six tracks quick smart, and got the finished product the next week.

Mike occasionally drops in to drum at the jam sessions, which is always fun, as he invariably disassembles the entire drum kit, and has been known to make Sebastien sound quiet. Great drummer to jam with, he was a stalwart of the Sessions way back in the Dizzy’s days (about 350 years ago) and now runs a purpose built (and very sophisticated) recording studio. Ridiculously cheap prices, seriously good equipment.


“Ere, Mike, what does this button do?…”
MCS Recording Studio
Phone:(03) 9312 7391
Mobile:0417 383583

The Music Place – Sponsors of Castlemaine Jazz Festival



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The Music Place
339 Clarendon St
South Melbourne
Ph (03) 9699 9099

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: June 8th and June 9th 2014

The Website should be up by mid to late January, whereupon if you feel the urge to log on and pre-purchase your ticket, don’t fight it. One of the ideas being floated is having a jam session, so that anyone who plays can get up and join in, even if they have not registered with a band.

Whaddya think?

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: a brief update

The Committee continues to work apace. Visited the first eight venues in the company of Linda Carpenter and John Hannah. We are getting some very positive responses from the  local venue operators. Seasoned Jammers would be well advised to leave town now, as we have just worked out we will need 32 volunteers to man the doors and marshal the bands through their changeovers. Gulp!

And dat, as they say in the talkies, is the news from Sleepy Hollow.


Jammers Wanted

Hi Jammers,
I’m a rock singer/songwriter currently in an original band Mu-Theory. .  Anyway, I also have an interest in jazz music, particularly melodic smooth jazz like: Pat Methany, Larry Carlton & Vince Jones.  To this end I was hoping you could find out if any of your subscribers or jammers would be interested
in pursuing a band in this style or if indeed there was a band already happening
in this style looking for a vocalist/songwriter.  I live way out in the east
in Mooroolbark for your info and would prefer to jam/rehearse on a weeknight.
Though I have no jazz background I have played in many semi pro bands over
the past 30 years.   I can be contacted on the email address below.

Kind regards,

Jazz on the Web

Three ways of getting free music discussed – Sky.FM and Jazzonthe Tube have been covered before, but Pandora is a relative new comer, and probably the pick of them.

This is a streaming service with a difference – you get to create your own “radio station” and then give each track the thumbs up or the thumbs down – the more you do it, the more refined will the selections of music become. I particularly like tracking down the potted bio’s with each artist. Just type Pandora into Google and you will find the site. Advertisement free.

Pro’s: Good selection of music, clever approach to fine tuning your selections. You can set up several different stations, then pick your music depending on your mood.

Con’s: theoretically, you could refine the selection of music to the point where you never hear anything new.

Sky.FM A wide range of preset channels – I tend to stick with Piano Jazz, and whilst every fourth track seems to be Erroll Garner, there is a lot of interesting stuff I have never heard before.

Pro’s Seems to use up less bandwidth than Pandora and will run in the background of most programmes
Con’s Annoying ads every so often asking you to upgrade to Premium This one sends a Youtube clip to your e-mail every day. So you get to delete the ones you don’t want, play the others mostly once, and store a few so that you can click on them again only to discover that they have been taken off Youtube…

Pros: Actually some really good material every now and then, and the video, whilst generally scratchy, is kinda fun.
Cons: Gunks up your mailbox a bit.