Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The B Team smashes it

The Set Up: By the time I got there, Fermin and Neil had the set-up well in hand. We all waited with bated breath to see if a drummer would turn up and set up the drum kit, but alas Salah managed to darken the door about 15 seconds too late.

The record: What followed was a classic B team effort – that is, sixteen musos had a lot of fun, and broke our all-time record for most musos playing together – 12 at one stage, and they sounded damn good. Not many people in the audience for quite a while, and in the absence of the Halls Gap crew, we played, umm, about two instrumentals all afternoon, and had a ball, with tonsil artistes Jane, Ashley, Debbie and Carol all getting more singing time than usual. (16)


Singers Carol, Jane and Ashley

Musos Props to Salah, Ashley and newcomer Russell Stringer for some immaculate drumming, Julian for nearly blowing up his amp and then ditching it and fluting beautifully anyway, Huich for some extended violin, Malcolm for taking over piano and staying to help pack up. Ivan, Neil and Fermin for the best rhythm section we have had in ages, Calamatta and Will for a sweet saxophone section…


Great Rhythm Section – played all day

And Don (piano) who attempted anonymity to avoid adverse newsletter comment. As if. He last came on April 22nd 2015, also a week when the Captain was absent.. and played hot. Is a pattern emerging? We could consider a whip round as he clearly can’t afford a barber.

Going Home: We pulled stumps at 7.30, which required going round the room and apologising to diners and drinkers who had wandered in for the last stanza, but the rhythm section was truly knackered.

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The Restaurant Experiment works again

An enjoyable Jam: second week in the Bistro, wandered in somewhat late and the set up went smoothly again… leaving us ready to start by, ooh, maybe 15 minutes late. Steve Bray set up the percussion, Fermin came early and set up the amps, closely followed by Neil. Only two pianists all day (meself and Malcolm) and Huich, alternately spelt Guichi excelled again. But a fine sunny day in tropical Kew promised a good crowd, and so it was, although not as many as we had hoped. The day was enlivened by a coupla new and returning musos, as well as a smattering of locals – Ben Stewart all class on guitar,

Jazz anyone? We kicked off with a few instrumentals from the Captain Chaos chart books whilst the room filled up, and followed this up with singers Debbie, Carol, Jane and later on the lads, Brian and Kev, as well as the late Miss Smith who went all modern on us with interesting results. Bacharach with his trademark 6/4 bar stuck in the middle of a 4/4 tune threw the lot of us. Jane could have sung a few more, but her selection of swing tunes was the liveliest part of the afternoon. Carol gets better and better.

Drummers to follow Steve included Bill Swannie, John Perri and later on Andre… he seems to have improved and played a decent set.

Train wrecks: probably the pick of them was Misty, with which we all struggled with a choice of tempos and the occasional dropped bar, in a key which may not have been Debbie’s first choice. Ah well, they are always fun anyway.

The audience dropped off noticeably as the afternoon wore on and we ended on a quiet note (it may have been F#, but I had left by then, so I can’t be sure.)

Teaser of the week: Some interesting discussions on possible future developments – stay tuned and we will bring this to you in due course.

Halls Gap Festival this weekend, the Captain, Curtis, Annie Smith and Jeff Harris will be there, amongst other Jammers. So the B Team will be taking over next Sunday 28th October. Always assuming there is a B team and it turns up.

And if anyone wants to help set up, feel free to turn up a bit early – see ya Sunday?

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The Restaurant Experiment: Dodgy Dave’s bright idea

Greeted Dodgy Dave at the door – no one in the bar setting up, the Captain De Chaos upstairs perhaps?. Turned out Dodgy Dave had decided we should try transferring to the restaurant. There ensued some interesting furniture re-arrangement. Steve Bray was up for setting up the drums, we put down the Mike Hirsh Formal Carpet, and then managed to put the speakers at the back, the piano at the side, the Behringer foldback upstairs thankfully, and no one got in anyone’s way. Could this layout be a goer? we asked ourselves, which was just as well as there was no-one else to ask yet.

As it transpired, the sound was way better, the room worked a treat, and we had around 18 musos and a bit of audience type peeps to enjoy an afternoon of what we laughingly refer to as “jazz”.

Nice one Dodgy D! He may even advertise dinner and jazz next week – we shall see.

Only complaint received was one muso missing the foldback. Obviously all the others listen to each other and did just fine. Props to Steve, nice work from the Hirsh, on his carpet for the first time. Smooth set from Carol. Floot from Jeff, mammoth stint from Ivan, then Anton took over bass. Sweet contribution from Guichi (violin) and a bunch of others. 

If ya missed it, tough – but we will encore this week.

 Halls Gap Festival coming up next week 27th October – click on the “Jazz Festivals” tab for details

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: quiet, quite classy

At least to start with… Col and I diddled about setting up the gear, secretly hoping a drummer would turn up before we had to fiddle with the hardware (dodgy stools, missing butterfly nuts, enlarged carpet for the benefit of Mr Hirsh esq. etc etc.

The Drummers: Alan Richards turned up as soon as we had given up and bolted the infernal contraption together. So at least we had the pleasure of not getting in his way whilst he gave us baleful looks and re-assembled the kit to his liking. Hirsh was a no-show.

And away we went, instrumentals and not many people rolling through the door at first, but things got better, as they often do. Let’s face it, they couldn’t get much worse.

What ensued was a middle of the road affair, with Anton and Ivan on bass, only three saxophones at the front (welcome back Will!), Fermin and Vlad on guitars, a few singers and some very loud drums, pacified for a while by Bill Swannie and an exceptionally good drummer whose name remains a mystery. Hope he comes again., Alan and John Perri competing to do the best impersonation of Animal from the muppets, and the audience declaring it a draw.


In Summary: there were 17 musos (including tonsil artistes, ços they sulk otherwise)’, and Kevin’s mic working beautifully (only took me three weeks)

Guichi (violin) definitely the most improved, but also the most overwhelmed by the saxes, naughty lads.

Twas fun, but.

See ya Sunday?

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: Saxophones, wall to wall

Started early with La Myskova helping to set up the gear, before her retiring after three days of partying (insert Czech National Stereotype here?). And then waited for the saxophones to turn up. They did not disappoint, and at one stage we had more sax than aud, but whatever… it was going to be an instrumental sort of a day, perhaps. I rather enjoyed it.

After the opening stanza from the usual suspects, we settled down to a lively afternoon – reeds in abundance precluding any gossip other than shouting, before Curtis the Debonair sensibly sat in and pushed the keys to max vol. Some sort of sound balance was achieved.

Toon of the Day

Laurie distinguished himself with a fine rendition of Nica’s Dream – not an easy tune to play, but he made it sound effortless. The audience was one of the smaller ones, around 5’3″on average, and stubbornly stayed that way all arvo, but those that were there, some to play, plenty just enjoying the mooz and a cold one, certainly had fun.

Various musos

Pete, Ivan and Dave took turns on bass duties, Neil played guitar, followed by the original Ray “Lounge Lizard” Hood back from Sin City, both classy as ever. The late Miss Smith turned up early, Kev and Brian had a dip, and Ashley sat in on drums – later replaced by Le Hirsh, who was as good, only a lot louder.


Great to see Jeff Karutz for the first time at the Junk, ditto Paul, Volker making a rare appearance, Keef coming later. And with Laurie, Jeff and the Captain, we had a total of 7 saxophones, possibly the most we have ever had.

Others what I forgot. Can’t remember who.

Curiously, the session actually got livelier as it wore on – mainly due to some hot piano from the talented Lisette.

And some upgraded lighting, courtesy of Dodgy Dave. Very nice.

Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids…

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: Well, that was fun…

This week’s jam session was definitely one of the livelier affairs – plenty of audience and musos (24, about par for the course) turned up, and after starting with the world’s slowest version of Stella by Starlight, soon kicked on. After an hour or so, the joint was rocking, a surprising number of audience had turned up, some driven from the other bar by a raucous end of year Football team bash, complete with a startling number of players on crutches, and a few socially refreshed players joining in the jam later on..

Standout singer of the week was Anne Hayres who sang so well that she pulled the rhythm section of Neil (g), meself (p) Ivan (db) and Perri (d)into a tight unit for a while – Out of Nowhere a highlight, with Perri swinging the proverbials off it. The Captain joined in for some smooth counter melodies. Audience peaked at around 50 in the room.

Ashley de Wangaratta and Carol sang duets, Brian and Kev didn’t but came up with some new material which ranged from adventurous to intriguing., the Debster stuck to her recent fine form on tonsils, then the late Miss Smith, unfrazzled for a change this week, came up with a swing version of The Nearness of You, followed by Dave Frisberg’s Peel Me A Grape.

Drummers Bill and Matt, Ivan and Dave on Bass, guitarists Fermin and Chico all had a dip.

The session came to a close, at least twice, by eight o’clock. Good stuff all round, and better sound than heretofore. Apparently all those singers like a bit of reverb…

See ya this Sunday?

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: They all turned up…

Not. This was one of the quieter weeks, but not in any musical sense. Actually not much of the music makes any sense at all, but that has never stopped us yet.

We set up the kit in record time (34 mins) and had time to read the manual which has sat in my PA case for 15 years. It has not, if we are honest, (which, to be honest, we are not) faded in the sunlight. Worked out how to use the phantom power for Kevin’s new mike, so naturally Kev didn’t turn up. The sound was good.

Kicked off the opening stanza with the Captain and Fermin, followed by Laurie “when sunny gets blue” Jeff playing sweet, and Larry Kean exceptional on drums.

Eventually I got used to Pony Tail Pete playing some mellow bass with nary a hiccup, Some singers turned up – Carol and the late slightly frazzled Miss Smith. I promised I wouldn’t mention that she was in a sensitive state, with her reputation in tatters, so I won’t. What reputation? Needless to say, she sang beautifully.

Julian played some smooth floot. Ivan brought along his giant bass, twanging the five strings to good effect, and it was great to see Neil after a couple of weeks awol. Played a million notes, all good too.. Mr John Perri slotted in after Larry had played a full set. Another drummer in good form.

See ya this Sunday? Bring yer fiddle, banjo, sousaphone, Colombian nose flute, tonsils or whatever.


Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The week after

Another Sunday – and another quiet start to an afternoon of music mangling. This became a week for old faces to turn up – Peter Garam put in a solid session, as did Gentleman John Curtis. Ivan the one legged skier fronted, and played some pretty good bass, Trevor was there again, Jeff startled us all with a gentle rendition of Embraceable Ewe, (No Hortense, it is not the Kiwi National Anthem), Bill, and the redoubtable John Perri put in some sttellar performances on drums, as did Matt, the ever reliable Bruce was at the window, Rod and Bette dropped in, probably from Singapore, and persuaded POCKOTL to drop in too…

Laurie essayed When Sunny gets Blue for the first time, Carol got up and ripped through a coupla jazz standards with Malcolm, Annie the Later Miss Smith her usual good self, Chico sublime on guitar.

A lot of good music too – Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel ça change, plus c’est pareil”. *

In truth this wasn’t the greatest session. Gentleman John Curtis opened the innings with a coupla cultured instrumental pieces in front of very few people. It filled up in time.. Thereafter, it got more jam session typical as the afternoon wore on. A smallish mob sat back and drank seemingly large quantities of social lubricant, so Dave the Boss was happy, but the featured singer session (Carol, Malcolm x 2 and PT Pete on bass) ran well over time, leading to some of the natives getting a little restless towards the end. Too many saxophone solos, obligatory (apparently) bass solos and drum solos, stretched it out. Continue reading →