Lunatic Soup Lounge Blues…From the Empire of Chaos

Sunday 24th July
They came from near and far to attend the cacophony of sound Sunday 24th July at the Leinster Arms. David from Dingee (North of Bendigo) with his alto saxophone and voice. Ashley from Wangaratta, who, along with Audrey (soon to head back to Belgium), vocalised.  Even two visitors from South Africa came to listen.

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Jazz Is Dead?

One sometimes wonders whether a pattern is emerging in the Gold Street Gossip Shop sessions, hailing as they do from the epicentre of cultural alternativeness in the northern wastes of Colliwobble. Most weeks, we seem to start with a bout of amnesia, therefore thinking that we can actually play (and I use the word loosely, as Hortense might say) a couple of numbers in the tempo di dubious from the book of songswotColknows, before settling down to the usual fare of Autumn  66, Summer Leaves and Root something or other… Continue reading →