Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel

The Captain nails it.

Lorsque le pélican, lassé d’un long voyage,

Dans les brouillards du soir retourne à ses roseaux

Etcetera. etcetera It doesn’t end well, at least for the pelican. About the only French I can remember after 8 years study…

With a combined musical experience of about 238 years, the Jammers crew should have been expected to put on a reasonably competent performance, and this week they did. Opening stanza by Laurie Savage and Jeff Harris. Guichi getting more confident on her violin. All of it topped by Captain Chaos getting the changes right, and everyone had a dip. Not an easy feat, and the fact he did it without even appearing to pay attention made the session a good one.

In truth, the afternoon was marked by some fine singers – amongst them Julie Stewart, the featured singer of the week, who brought along Emma Sydney who sang up a storm (Stormy Weather) – and a brief performance by Narida Farid of the Big Ho, (Exactly Like You) in town for a great gig at Paris Cat the night before.

Julie’s set was a little chaotic – the diva had things on her mind, and it wasn’t until later in the afternoon that she got up and presented a fine second set of heart-felt blues and jazz. Even the Captain got up and played his part. David Taylor great as ever on double bass – he will be back this coming Sunday. And Malcolm rock solid on drums.

It was then left to Ponytail Pete and Chris Lebon to take over bass duties, and the Will/Keef duo to play A night in Tunisia with exactly the same faulty last bar as last time. IReal Pro gives it as Dm not an Fm. But good stuff all round. Pick of the jammers was Ponytail Pete, who got to play with Emma and Nadira. Heady stuff.

All those years of study… pays off in the end, even if you can’t speak French.

See ya Sunday?

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel:

Featured Singer Kateřina Myŝková, with meself on keys, Dave Taylor on double bass, Bill Swannie on drums, and hopefully, Neil on guitar. Katerina has been a regular with the Jammers and sings jazz ballads, a little latin, and a few blues. She has heaps of experience, starting her singing career in the Czech Republic. She doesn’t have a driving licence, yet.



Katerina Myskova, featured singer this week

Port Fairy Jazz Festival 8 – 10 February 2019 NEWSLETTER Aug 2018

Quite a few Jazz Jammers are proposing to go to this one. I attach the Newsletter – it has heaps of information, and the registration process for musos (on the website) is the clearest I have yet seen.

General Email:-
Postal Address: PO Box 624, Warrnambool Vic 3280 Festival
Contact: Denis 041 950 4028

Western Victoria Jazz Productions Inc.,
Incorporation No. A0094541G, ABN 75471454678
is proud to present the 3rd Port Fairy Jazz Festival 8 – 10 February 2019

A ‘not for profit’ organisation run entirely by volunteers

The committee and Port Fairy community look forward to your company at the 2019 Festival. The committee’s aim is to again present a friendly Jazz Festival by repeating the successful components of the initial events. It is a low cost festival run by volunteers, providing nine programmed venues and running from Friday 5pm to Sunday 6pm. Saturday morning is the Street Parade and a Sunday morning there’s a Gospel Service.

Reardon Theatre
Upgrades to this venue are underway with completion anticipated late in 2018. Upgrades include:-
 Disabled toilets
 Climate control
 New tiered seating
 Removing old boiler under the tiered seating and associated asbestos

Changes for 2019
We again received hundreds of responses from our online, program tear out and email surveys. Thank you for all your responses which helps to make this festival even better. The major changes are as follows.

The programmed venues will be consolidated in 2019 by doing away with the distant venues and instead using the RSL and Uniting Church. That is, the two furthest venues will now be only 400m apart.

Friday will again see jazz from the Hotel balcony hopefully extended from 3pm to 8pm. Fiddlers Green entertainment will be restricted to daylight hours.
We are also working on improving the acoustics in some venues.
The Jazz Office registration centre will be at St. John’s Church hall at the top of Barclay St. for 2019.

Theme Colours
Same as for 2018. Any Jazz Lovers dressed in the spirit of the festival are welcome to join the parade.

The 2018 festival was successful due to all the participants. An enormous thank you to the army of volunteers who did the set ups, worked in the jazz office and worked at all the venues. To the hundreds of musicians who volunteered their skills to the festival without any guarantee of a disbursement, thank you. We had an array of sponsors which assisted the festival, a special thanks to you. To all the patrons who joined us, thank you for coming to Port Fairy. To the committee of 11 who planned and made it happen, thank you. Finally to the organisations, businesses and locals of Port Fairy that facilitated and made our guests welcome, thank you. Without this enormous effort, there would not be a festival.

Email Update: Have a new email address? Or thinking of changing email address? Let us know so we can keep you in touch.

Jazz Lover Tickets For the Weekend
Easiest way:- Log onto go to ticket sales and follow the prompts. Purchases can be made by Credit or Debit card on-line. Simply bring your bar coded internet ticket for scanning, to the Jazz Office registration centre to swap it for a badge and program.

Postal mail – manual method:-
For those receiving the Newsletter by post, you also have a postal option (form attached).

Pricing Options:-
Jazz Lovers U18 free
Jazz Lovers Registration
Rate:- $90 per Adult
(if registered after 30/11/2018)
Jazz Lovers Early Bird Special Rate:-
$80 per Adult
(if registered by 30/11/2018)

NBN –Changing email address?
As the NBN is implemented, a number of customers are changing their provider and their email address. If this is you, please forward your new email address to the festival at

Band Nominations
Each band wishing to participate on the program is required to nominate by the closing date 30th September 2018 Fill out the on-line form in the ‘Musicians’ tab on the web site

Musician Registrations
Each musician playing in a programmed band is required to register by the closing date 30th November 2017.

Weekend Timetable
Thursday 7th February 2019
The Jazz Office registration centre is at St. John’s Church hall at the top of Barclay St. It will open from 11am to 4pm for registrations, ticket swapping for weekend badges and programs, etc.

Friday 8th February 2019
Jazz Office opens from 11am till 10pm.
Jazz program commences at 5pm at the various venues.

Saturday 9th February 2019
Go to

Future Newsletters
As the final shape of the festival takes place, we will keep you informed of the updates. We are currently considering a fully equipped casual blackboard venue in the centre of town. Band nominations will close end of September and will be announced once determined. Further sponsors are being sought and will be announced later. The final Newsletter will outline the other components, programming and a list of all the other great activities you can do around Port Fairy. For those who are receiving this newsletter by postal mail, sadly this is the one and only newsletter you will receive. But watch our web site.

Share this Newsletter with your Jazz Friends

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel. Wot’s goin’on? – a goodly session

The sun, briefly shone on Sunday, and although we started with a little light chaos as the good Captain experimented with moving almost everything to a new position, once we got started, the joint soon filled up a little….

Mainly due to the Michelle Gigliotti rent a crowd (how many sisters has she got?) followed by the Simone and Jase social set, and quite a few others.

Following the customary instrumental opening, which featured the Captain and Red Hat Calamatta amongst others, and with Angie playing keys, Michelle got up, and, ably backed by bassist Kip on Tallulah the original electric bass, Bill restrained on drums, Neil playing great blues guitar licks, and meself resurrecting numbers I haven’t played for 23 years. She sang a sharp set of 6 songs in 32 minutes. The shorter bracket definitely works well.

Then the session went a little strange – it resumed with a rather noisy cameo from Katerina who was inaudible, and then, one by one, a total of 8 other singers got up, more than either the Captain or meself can ever remember at a Jam Session, and with plenty of scope for further contributions from Malcolm Mk 1 (organ??), Michael “sticks” Findlay, Bill, first timer Hussein and Matt Berg on drums, Mark on guitar, and the ever improving Will on sax and Keef on alto and clarinet. Special mention to Tom, who arrived with his stick bass and played with considerable aplomb for the rest of the evening, and to Chico (guitar) and Chris Lebon, who got in some late numbers.

Angie, Mark and Hussein combined with Will to produce a funky little set, and Simone confirmed that she is a gifted singer with a Billie Holliday “Feelin’Good” played without a chart amongst us. Methinks Keef and Will both have a great ear for this sort of thing. Then Jase got up and we just had fun which is fine by me.

We still haven’t got the format quite right, but will persist in doing our best to make sure everyone gets a go.

See ya Sunday?

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel:

Featured Singer Julie Stewart Rose, who dates back to the Glasshouse days, with meself on keys, Dave Taylor on double bass, Malcolm 2nd on drums, and Neil on guitar. Julie last sang with the jammers at the Grand Hotel (whereya been?) and sings jazz standards, maybe some light rock numbers, and a smattering of latin. Stylish lady, warm voice, can’t wait!


Julie Stewart Rose, featured singer this week

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Annual General Meeting

Subscriptions: Existing members are required to pay a $5 membership fee in order to be able to vote at the meeting. This should have been done by 31st July. If you have a problem, contact the Secretary on 0418 155 466

Proxy Forms If you are unable to attend, and would like to vote in the new Committee, the Proxy form is below. Hand your form to Col Garrett at the jam session, or email completed forms to committee

Hello Castlemaine Jazz Festival Members

Last year the committee and members voted to establish an annual fee for membership of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival. The fee is not just a fundraising exercise. This will also help us stay up to date with members information and we would hope to encourage members to be more aware of what the committee is planning and doing.

The Fee has been set at $5

Please pay your fee via a funds transfer into the Castlemaine Jazz Festival Inc Account
Account Name – Castlemaine Jazz Festival Inc
BSB – 633 000
Account No – 150 734 457

Please use your full name in the payment details so we can identify who has paid.
To be eligible to vote in the AGM payment must be paid by 31st of July 2018.

2018 AGM will be held on
Saturday the 18th of August
in the Old Castlemaine Gaol Mess Hall

Get the forms from the link below.

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel ça change, plus c’est pareil”. *

In truth this wasn’t the greatest session. Gentleman John Curtis opened the innings with a coupla cultured instrumental pieces in front of very few people. It filled up in time.. Thereafter, it got more jam session typical as the afternoon wore on. A smallish mob sat back and drank seemingly large quantities of social lubricant, so Dave the Boss was happy, but the featured singer session (Carol, Malcolm x 2 and PT Pete on bass) ran well over time, leading to some of the natives getting a little restless towards the end. Too many saxophone solos, obligatory (apparently) bass solos and drum solos, stretched it out. Continue reading

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel:

Featured Singer Michelle Gigliotti, with meself on keys, Western swing bassist Kip Dale, Bill Swannie on drums, and Neil on guitar. Michelle last sang with the Jammers at the Grand Hotel, and will feature a few early blues and jazz tunes. Big voice, Michelle sings a range of standards – blues, a little latin and maybe a ballad or two.