24th January 2021, 4.00pm start.

Well, hello 2021. We are starting off the year with a return to the Boogie Man Bar, which is where we finished up 2020. The hope is, some of the jammers who could not make it last time, will get to sample the dubious delights of Melbourne’s premier Chateau di Grunge; and all of the jammers who made it last time will come again, ‘cos it was fun…. You get to park in Vere Street, round the back of the Town Hall, which is so difficult to get to I recommend you use Google Maps, Garmin GPS, and all your smartphone apps to find it. The Bar itself is on the corner of Vere and Hoddle. Easy innit?
Apparently most people don’t read the headlines, so …the Jam Session is this Sunday, 24th January 2021, at the Boogie Man Bar, 4.00pm start, all proclivities (of a musical nature) catered for…

Other music:

And there is plenty: we are running an evening session at the Victorian Wine Centre, 55 Armstrong Street, Middle Park, 5.00pm to 8.00pm every Friday evening, starting 15th January 2021 with Annie Smith and the trio (this week, Alan West, Ted Woollan and Dave Taylor). Drop in for a glass of wine, and say hello…
Then there is the Challis Street Fandango, starting 23rd January 10.00am – 12.30, Challis Street Newport, with Yuko Onishi, and Steve Martin, Ted Woollan and Captain Chaos himself. Still in the running for most bizarre gig location of the year (we have to stop to let the bus go by…) but the coffee/conviv is great.
And the new kid on the block is Cowderoy Street Dairy, Cowderoy Street, West St Kilda, every Sunday, 12.00 to 2.00pm. Last week, Michell Gigliotti sang up a storm, and this week Yuko Onishi takes over, with Steve Martin, Ted Woollan and Captain Chaos (or is that Col Garrett?) squeezing into the corner. Coffee and/or brunch seems to be the go with the locals…
These gigs are quietly generating funds for the Newport Jazz Festival, 2nd/3rd May 2021, of which, more below

The Jam Session: looking for a permanent home

We are still on the hunt for a permanent (well, alright, semi permanent) home for the jam sessions. Several candidates are up for consideration, and we will keep you posted…




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