The Jammers Bit: We all go grunge

The Boogie Man Bar was a lot of fun, for the twenty or so musos who turned up, tuned up, and made the most appalling racket for quite a few hours.
Despite my misgivings about the joint, the house crew didn’t let us down – smoothest sound man I have met in quite a while, cold beers at the bar, and a pleasant spot for a natter.

The stage proved somewhat dark and somewhat crowded – foldbacks and a huge bass amp for Pete and Dave to play with, and the bass sound in particular was good. Just to help matters along, both bassists decided they were going to play rather well….

There seemed to be a lot of drummers – Bill, Michael F, Alan Richards, John Perri and… Larry Kean the best of them by a whisker.

Rattle and slap they did, behind —- drum roll — just one, read it and weep, one saxophone player – it was, of course, the good Captain, and he got to play some of his favourite tunes – a rare treat. Of course he has been moonlighting at the Challis Street Fandango, and even at the Middle Park Friday night bash, and the lack of cobwebs showed.

Dean, guitarist, played the first set as the lone rhythm instrument (wot, no piano?) and did not disappoint. Played a second set later, and definitely has chops to burn.

And presiding over it all, Mademoiselle Huich of violin fame, who we have to thank for suggesting the joint, who got up and played some neat stuff when not reclining elegantly on one of the stuffed sofas. I think it was stuffed, but it could have just sat down for a rest.

It rapidly became apparent that the day, with its varied delights, belonged to the singers – Annie, Kay, Brian, Kev, Gilbert, Libby and the Debster

Kay:    back from a considerable hiatus, looking fit and happy, singing from her huge repertoire, never missed a beat.

Brian:     sang his usual array of Elvis songs and Blues. Would someone point out to him that he has a great rich voice and could really shake a few jazz ballads?

Kev:    The Roffe showed off his usual versatility. He can sing just about any song in any key.

Libby: still finding her feet (head south from the nose) and is already a good addition to the motley crew.

Debbie: Only fell off the stage once. Her version of Summertime started with an instruction to Perri “play it as fast as you like” , and ended with an impressive sustain over Pete’s funk beat.

Gilbert: torched My Way, and made a coupla ballads sound easy – his relaxed style probably makes him tonsil du jour.

And the irrepressible

Annie: her 3/4 version of When Sunny Gets Blue will not be easily forgotten, but we are all going to try….

So… the Boogie Man Bar is booked out for Sundays, but we could happily go back there sometime. That was the last jam of what has been a truly unmemorable year. We will try and get back to a new venue by mid January – details will be in the Jammers Newsletter.

Stay safe, and thanks for the rabbits.