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The Newsletter seems to have been on an extended holiday – last out on October 4th, the longest interruption to normal since 2008. We had published every week since the last jam session, (15th March 2020), without once mentioning the Covid 19 pandemic disaster lockdown abuse of hooman rights state dictatorship isolation woe is me in particular thingy. We resolved to wait until some passably good news was available. Rather enjoyed the break.

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Happiest bit of News this week: the NEXT JAM SESSION…


We have resolved to re-start the jam sessions at The Tower Hotel, (686 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123 ), as soon as Gina’s boss lets us – we are waiting until the room limit is lifted to at least 40 people. Current betting says the first session will be on Sunday 29th November, starting at 4.00pm.

In the meantime… we have a couple of set piece gigs at Challis Street, Newport. These re-started last week with Yuko, Col, Steve Martin and meself shaking the rust off a few jazz standards at 10.00 on a Saturday morning. This is a time which in days of yore did not even exist in a musos calendar. Next session, on November 28th, will be same line up, but with Katerina Myskova singing – by special request of Jamie the proprietor.

We are also playing at the Victorian Wine Centre, 22 Armstrong Street, Middle Park, 5.00pm kickoff on Friday 20th November. We start with Aimee Everett and Deborah Salkov, with Alan West on saxophone, Kip Dale on bass and meself on mind altering substances (coffee probably)

The hope is that these side sessions will continue, at least until Christmas. We were planning a similarly covid safe routine at the Tower with Jane Little singing, Malcolm Hornby on keys and Mike Hirsh on drums. Bass player Dave Taylor. We will instead start the next full on Jam Session with this line-up for a first set. Once the standard is established, anyone else that manages to turn up will be expected to join in.

….And make a dreadful racket, in the finest traditions of the Jazz Jammers.

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