The Jammers Bit: On the subject of Nothing, and other irrelevancies

Nothing happening this week. If nothing lasts long enough, we will all be doing nothing next week as well. Despite this preoccupation, last week’s newsletter got a bumper number of hits – even though we put it out a tad late – or maybe, because …

Festival Breaking News:

The 85th Australian Jazz Convention cancelled.

We have been advised that the Australian Jazz Convention will be postponed to December 2021. This was to have been the 75th Convention – it started in 1946 and is already the longest running Jazz Festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It has retained a strong association with Trad Jazz – more properly, Trad Revival.

So old is this Festival, that when it started, Trad Revival was at the cutting edge of music – and its exponents were seen as the rebels of their day. It is technically possible that some 20 year old muso in 1946, now 94, is still going. Putting it back another year will be hardest on the old hands.

Links to Newport Jazz Festival and Jammers News:



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