Chatanooga Choo Choo

Tales From the Pantry & Other Jam Sessions. 95 song titles in search of a meaning: Homemade Jam from the Pantry.

‘Long ago and far away’, It felt like “Autumn in New York.’ ‘Summertime’ had gone and ‘Autumn Leaves’ began to fall. The Captain thought it was ‘Just One of those things.’ But ‘Things aint what they used to be.’

Oh, ‘The things we did last summer’ now we are “Without a song.” No more’ Makin Whoopee’ or doin’ it “My Way”. Its ‘A foggy Day’ and we get ‘Misty. “Come rain or Come Shine’, ‘Here’s that rainy day!’

No ‘Melancholy Baby’ cried Marg of the Jazz Jammers. No More “Anything Goes’, Nobody wants to go ‘On a Slow Boat to China’, ‘Its ‘Too close for comfort.” ‘The Masquerade’ is not over. There may be ‘No moon at All.’ but ‘ Don’t be Strangers in the Night.’ What we need ‘Night and Day,’ ‘My funny Valentine,’ is ‘Love sweet Love.’

That ‘Old Devil Moon’ may say its ‘Witchcraft’ or ‘Que sera sera’ but ‘When you’re smiling’ ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’. ‘Spring is Here’ though there may be ‘Stormy Weather,’ ‘I’m Going out of my Head’ and ‘I didn’t know what time it was.’ So I ask ‘How long has this been going on’ ‘Oh, “I could write a book’

‘Speak low’, Covid has the” World on a String’, gone are “the Days of Wine and Roses”. ‘Sweet Georgia Brown!,’ I ‘Don’t get around much anymore.’ ‘Give me a simple Life’ but ‘As time goes by’ I get the ‘Blues in the Night.” So, time to ‘Button up your Overcoat.

“It all depends on you.”‘

‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams’ ‘They can’t take that away from me.’ ‘The More I see you,’ I think of “My Favourite Things.” With all my “Heart and Soul’ ‘Chances are’ we will soon be ‘Dancin’ Cheek to Cheek’ ‘As time goes By” “Love is here to Stay.’

Going to take a ”A Sentimental Journey’, where “I want That Old Feeling’ Ha! ‘That’s Life’ ‘The party’s Over’. ‘I want to Cry me a River’ and see the ‘Shadow of your Smile’ before I ‘Begin the Beguine.’ But, “No more Blues’ ‘From this moment on” I know ‘It’s been a long, long time’ but ‘I will wait for you’ ‘How about you?’

‘The More I See You’ ‘Je Ne’Regrette Rien’ “I’ll get By” though it is ‘September in the Rain.’ ‘Smile’ ‘When you’re Smiling’ ‘You Do Something to Me’

It really hurts ‘the Second Time Around.’ ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ ‘That’s Amore! ‘They can’t take that away from me’. ‘People’ ‘This could be the Start,’ ‘Come Fly with me’ ‘When you wish upon a star.’ ‘How deep is the ocean?’ ‘How high the moon?’ ‘In my solitude’ ‘I remember you’ and ‘I’ll be seeing you.’

“Things aint what they used to be.’ ‘More than you know’ ‘Where or When’ ‘Who Can I turn to” ‘More’, ‘Our day will come” ‘You and the Night and the Music’ ‘With a Song in my Heart.” ‘Hey there.’ ‘Lets do it,’

‘The song is you.’


Signed ” Cookin

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