Instrumentalists Language……..

As seen from a vocalist’s perspective
‘Double time’, rhythm bridge and ‘then do fours’ take the head and ‘vamp’….

….lets go through a few standard terms.

Bars – Measures of time. Most tunes have an intro and may be 32 bars long.
Blues – Style of music. Often meaning a harmonic 12 bar form that many tunes are based on.
Changes – The song’s harmony…Chord changes.
Double Time – Everything is twice as fast.
Head – Melody of the tune.
Form – Construction of the song typically AABA (Stormy Weather, with a two bar
intro) or AB (Autumn Leaves – 8 bar intro then 32 bar form)
1st 8 bars = A
2nd 8 bars = A
3rd 8 bars = B (different harmony & melody than the A sections)
4th 8 bars = A ( same as the first A section.
Intro – usually 4 bars and may be 8 bars A Night In Tunisia has six bars, followed by a 16 bar AABA form with a 16 bar interlude thrown in…
Style or Groove of tune
Vamp – Measures that repeat over and over.

All love Ebonyrose x

Some listening references

Autumn Leaves (Bill Evans)

Stormy Weather: Ella Fitzgerald with the incomparable Joe Pass Listen for the tricky little 4 bar extra turn around at 1.20 (which she scats)

A Night in Tunisia, Charlie Parker. Shows what musicians like to get up to when the vocalist is away getting a drink…

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