The Jammers Bit: Corny Copia

Suddenly or surreptitiously, I am not sure which, we have a bucketful of articles, some of them more or less music related, others possibly the result of combining a tedious lockdown with copious supplies of mind altering pharmaceuticals. Whatever, I am deeply grateful for the demented ramblings of music starved musos, and for all the other articles that have been submitted. It is now a bit like a jam session, we will have to get the Captain to set up a list and make sure every one gets a decent go…

Now that I have said that, it is quite probable that next week’s Newsletter will be a series of blank pages (tempting thought, innit?)

Any hoo, in the meantime, for those of you can read, and for the drummers:

  • Laurie Savage Why The Saxophone? A question that we have all of us pondered at some time or other
  • Tales from the Pantry: otherwise known as Ales from The Pantry. And, no, I don’t what they are about either…
  • John Curtis: France : The Jazz Summer School Experience. Our resident intellectual on his experience in a French Chateau with a bunch of musos.


A possible model for the future of Jam Sessions

I am keenly aware that, back in April, we projected a re-opening of the Jam Sessions by the end of September, and covered our posterior by declining to nominate which year. It looks increasingly likely that we won’t be opening any time soon. I have talked to Gina of The Tower Hotel, and they are as keen as mustard to get re-started.

So how do you hold a jam for, say 30 musos plus hangers -on (we could call them audience to be polite) socially distanced in a room with a maximum capacity of 20?

This is not as hard as it might seem: Hold the jam session in, say, three outdoor venues with a set band drawn from the jammers in each. We then need to guarantee we play so badly that no-one will turn up, so the 20 person gathering limit is not breached anyway. Shouldn’t be too hard. We could always deploy Little Sunflower in an emergency…And we might offer to turn their venue into a mess for free, because none of the venues have any money anyway, and this would help them get re-started.

Interestingly, this model would allow, say, up to 20 – 25 jammers to play a lot more (maybe a two hour/two set arrangement.) Each band would have to accommodate one or two musicians who might be beginners – a similar arrangement to the Laika Bar days.

What have the Jammers been up to?

I sometimes wonder…

Alan West has been listening to Sonny Stitt My Old Flame with a bit of LRB, and Skyhooks on the side, contemplating Sun Tzyu, who runs a takeaway shop in St Kilda. Alan is threatening to play more originals. You have been warned

Alan West

Fermin, guitarist du jour, on the other hand has been listening to jazz fusion – Hard
Groove by the RH Factor; and not playing much guitar. He has just won a tender with Hobsons Bay Council and is now wondering how he can do it for that much money…


Kevin Roff has been giving Boz Scaggs a whirl. Somebody has to. Kevin has been staying around the house as a kindness to others, and says he is well.


Alan Richards, drummer to the stars, last listened to Karma Chameleon on the wirelss in his car. So at least we know he has a car… Boy George will be mortified.

Michelle Gigliotti, chanteuse is still working in the aged care sector, and listening to some Gregory Porter – Youtube that one, you won’t be disappointed


And Susy Velinovski, apart from running Zoom meetings recommends Lady Gaga at the VMA Awards as an aural/visual/virtual experience. If you want to see what socially distanced mask wearing performance looks like, click on the link…

What a fine selection of traditional jazz ballads….and I have been listening to Esperanza Spalding – hugely diverse, but check out her ending on Sunny Side of the Street

Festival and Jammers News:




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