Tales from the Pantry & other Jam Sessions

Once upon a time in Jazz land, before ISO, an army of Musicians descended upon a well -known Tavern for encouraging players of all ages. The normal turnout was at least 4-5 axes and up to 6 saxes. If you were lucky, a plethora of keyboard players would turn up to tickle the ivories.

This afternoon in time was unusual, as it brought forth enough Drummers to form a marching band. The Ivory ticklers were indeed pleased, as it was now easier to sit back, partake of the Tavern wine, and play, using just one hand.

The usual sign in was thrown into array. The Captain of the motley crew had to draw straws in order to prevent a war. Soon play was underway. Some Drummers were known and adulated by the number of sticks they carried. They were given the lions’ share of play, to show their teeth on how to clear out a whole Tavern, as well as bring the Singers to their knees.

As would have it, one known Princess Donna unfortunately drew a short straw. She drew out a chart that would defy and test the temperament of most drummers. She confidently pointed out how the rhythm changed from Swing to Bossa. Basic staples for every Drummers supper.

P.D. stepped up to the Microphone and counted in 1,2, 1234.Then before you could say, “What a lot???”….By the end of only eight bars, the Drummer had crossed over to the dark side. Chaos rained down as Princess Donna threw daggers at the Captain, but there was no stopping the sticks from flying.

Princess Donna tried stumbling through the lyrics and even stamped her foot to get the Drummer to cross back over to the light. But there was no returning. He had been taken by the Devil. Hands and feet flew everywhere, as his whole body convulsed to his own Rhythm.

Moral of the Tale.

You can lead a drummer to follow,

But you can’t make him Sync.

Signed “Cookin.”

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