More Tales From the Pantry & Other Jam Sessions.

Once upon a time in the olden days of yore, (B.C. Before Covid) there reigned a handsome “King of Keys.” He was always on the lookout for Songbirds who could bring joy to the hearts of his subjects.

There were young birds of all shapes and sizes who desired nothing but to learn how to warble sweetly and chirp their way to fame. This practice was supported by the Kingdom of Jazz Lovers, who loved to see new faces. Their generous natures encouraged a multi-culture of musicians. Alas the Prince of Song became jealous of the Kings attention to these young beginners. He felt that he deserved to take centre stage anytime he pleased, even to the point where he would defy the Captains orders of only three songs a set of merry tales.

All it took was a break between instrumental interlude and verse. The Prince of Song pranced onto the stage and grabbed the microphone before the Captain could yell, “No ‘Pop’ here Prince, only ‘Jam’.” But, there was no stopping the Prince. “Its time for my Purple Reign” he yelled.

Goldilocks was furious that he hadn’t followed the ‘three rule.’ She jumped off her stool and began beating her Bongos in protest. The Chicks gathered their feather boas and tried to flee the Coop. Red faces from the musicians, who tried to stem off the royal “Pop’ invasion. “We want Blues, not Purple “screamed an older chook who had taken exception to having missed out on her place in the pecking line.

Mr. Music, in charge of the Royal Chambers, came bursting in to calm down the din that had risen to unbearable decibel levels. The noise threatened to discharge the patrons who had gathered to hear the sweet tones of the new birds.

Sword in hand, he calmly grabbed the Prince o’ Song by the arm, hauled him off stage and settled the three bearers of flute, sax and brass who were ready to pack up. The King of Keys glowered at the Prince who sheepishly retreated.

Goldilocks recovered from her anger and resisted the urge to hold up three fingers. The subjects continued to give their best of three and toasted Mr. Music who had prevented what could have been a very sticky Jam session.

Moral of the Tale.

Mr. Music has arms that soothe the savage guests.

Signed : “Cookin” from the Pantry.

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