Working with Musicians…..

We have all experienced embarrassing performances with members of a band due to lack of communication.
If you are lucky enough to be a Vocalist who has studied theory you should know a great deal about music and how to convey what you require.
Rather than just theory, other Vocalists may have spent time practising and perfecting Vocal skills – learning by ear – and expect the members of the band to figure out everything for you. (ie. key of song and the feel you want). This can be a recipe for trouble……a bit like speaking a dialect of a language and hoping the musicians will work it out on stage for you!

Here are some tips to help.
Prepare...this includes attending with a chart; and
Practise counting the song in….

Many problems are encountered because the Vocalist is not aware of the complexity of music and then not able to convey this to the band – such as the feel of a song….bossa etc.

You should be aware that some band members really prefer a melody line and chords and others will be ok with chords…..

Even if you do not get everything right you will gain the respect of musicians because you have made an effort to prepare.

All Love

Ebonyrose xx

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