The Jammers Bit: The Music Edition. Good Grief!

It has come to my attention that many of you are coping rather well with the stage 4 lockdown. This is to stop at once – we have Government regulations against that sort of thing.

We understand that Jammers have been surreptitiously listening to music *(see below) and making ISO recordings on the sly, and posting them unnecessarily to Facebook. This sort of behaviour could break the internet, or at least clog up the Facebook part of it. We must ask that you wipe that smug grin off your face, or maybe not as you are probably wearing a mask anyway. There are consequences for such irrational attitudes and it must stop at once.

Examples of the moral decline of civilisation as we know it might include the demise of Lipstick Manufacturies, the demise of the Flu season, the status of Free Victoria as the only state which hasn’t shut its borders to anyone, the discovery that home percolated coffee is just as good as a cold cup from a half shut Barista, and you do not need bread anymore as Marg is baking it for you..

And, for Godsake, will someone kindly go out and catch the flu – seems almost no-one has this year and it is playing hell with the statistics.

What a lucky life!

What have the Jammers been listening to?

Jeff Harris: last listened to A Night in Tunisia, and is so bored he has taken up piano.

John Curtis is locked up in South Bank, as he should be, and has been listening to a French CD he bought years ago – so obscure that he cannot remember its name, although I am sure if he could he would pronounce it with an appropriate French accent. Grave probably

John Curtis

Cardinal Calamatta has been listening to Argentine tango called Nostalgias, by a composer called Pablo something or other. He has had a break from saxophone, lost his embouchure, and is now getting it back – sweetest tone of any of the regular saxopholologists.


POCKOTL (Marg) has now pruned everything in her garden to approximately ground level, and is baking bread while it all grows again. She has been listening to some Jimi Hendrix. Rock chick…


Deborah “have you been listening to the Republican National Convention” Salkov has been learning Orange Coloured Sky and listening to Lady Gaga who she thinks is rather good.

Gina (Tower Hotel Manager) has been swanning around Queensland, but promises to come back and re-open the Tower. Bopping around to Beyonce at the moment.

Doug “haircut” Kuhn last listened to chanteuse Patricia Barber and seems to have got the lockdown two step down pat.

And finally, Captain Chaos hasn’t been listening to his phone as he hasn’t answered yet. I am reliably informed he is well and listening to Trains – the Blue Note Tokyo All Stars Jazz Orchestra. He has also been practicing and accidentally played a hot solo last week. We have told him to have a Bex and a lie down…

Captain Chaos

Festival and Jammers News:
Sad news from Port Fairy- the Jazz Festival has been cancelled for this year – not a great surprise as the much bigger Folk Festival was cancelled about three weeks ago. We will do a ring round and get an update on all the Festivals soon. It is going to be ugly…

Click on the links for the Festival website etc. Etc.


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